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What is the best accent to take Spanish courses?

Cual es el mejor acento para tus cursos de español

New year, new resolutions and the best time to take Spanish courses to start working on your 2022 goals, but which English accent to learn?

All language learners have faced this choice before taking Spanish courses because of the accents of different countries. Some students narrow down the possibilities to take Spanish courses in Mexico and Spain. What are the differences between learning Spanish with a Spanish accent and a Mexican accent?

Spanish accent in Spain

One of the main differences between learn Spanish in Mexico City or Spain is the pronunciation, this aspect makes a big difference in the language learning process. Although the language of Spain and Mexico is still Spanish, the same word can be pronounced differently by two native speakers.

There are 3 aspects that distinguish pronunciation in Spain.

  1. Distinction: It is the difference between the two Spanish phonemes /s/ and /θ/.
  2. Seseo: The letters s, c and z (before the vowels e, i) are pronounced as an s.
  3. Ceceo: The letters s and c (before the vowels e,i) are pronounced interdentally to generate a soft sound that can be represented by /θ/.

Most Spaniards use distinction, while in Mexico only seseo is used, so it is one of the topics that you will be able to learn in depth at Spanish Schools in Mexico.

Spanish courses in Mexico

Why do people from all over the world prefer to take Spanish courses in Mexico rather than in other countries? One reason is the fewer variations in intonation and grammar compared to other Spanish speaking countries.

The third person plural pronoun vosotros is used in Spain to refer to the second person singular tu and plural ustedes for the conjugation of verbs. Whereas in Mexico, simply ustedes is used for informal form, and for formal conversations usted is used.

For example:

  • Spain: Vosotros tenéis boletos para el evento?
  • Mexico: Ustedes tienen boletos para el evento?

Which accent to choose for your Spanish courses?

From a linguistic perspective, accents refer to the use of unique sounds used in specific contexts. The history of the Spanish language is surrounded by a controversy between what is considered good or bad articulation. Despite the differences in vocabulary and the different pronunciation of a word, the answer is based on the fact that no Spanish accent is better than any other. Therefore, they are only personal preferences for taking Spanish courses in Mexico or another country.

Just like the differences between British and American accents, it is necessary to choose the courses that suit your language goals. For example, if you plan to migrate, work or study in the United Kingdom, the most advisable accent to learn is British. Even one of the requirements to enter the country is to obtain the IELTS certification and take the IELTS exam preparation course to obtain the optimal results. In addition, the IELTS preparation includes training with accents of English-speaking countries.

The most important thing is to achieve communicative competence with your online or face-to-face English courses. In other words, communicate effectively with the accent you want to adopt and understand perfectly the English variants from around the world.

Start your Spanish courses next Monday

Now that you know the particularities between both Spanish accents, you can choose the content you will consume to learn Spanish with a specific accent orientation. This way, you will pass your Spanish courses with a certificate aligned to your objectives.

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