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Keys to converse in Spanish

Use these tips in your learning and be able to converse in Spanish in the right way.

When students want to converse in Spanish, there are often insecurities such as not being able to formulate sentences correctly, not knowing which words to use. Using the wrong verb conjugation, or worrying about having the correct pronunciation when conversing in Spanish.

That is why, if you are taking in-person Spanish classes. We suggest you add these tips to your habits in order to improve every day and be able to converse in Spanish in a proper way.

Learning to converse in Spanish requires the right method

One of the keys to learning Spanish, besides taking classes in Spanish schools, is to define a method and be perseverant to practice daily. In addition to taking Spanish classes in Mexico, it is important to effectively organize study schedules, set goals and keep in mind that discipline is essential to achieve every language goal.

Practice Spanish by listening to it

Without a doubt, listening to audios in Spanish is very important for effective conversation. However, not only with preset audios you can practice, you also have the opportunity to listen to songs from your favorite artists, podcasts, videoblogs, etc.

Read to converse in Spanish

Daily reading will open the doors to a much larger vocabulary than you already know. It is important to adopt this tool to your study method, in addition to reading aloud and even practicing dialogues to get a better conversation in Spanish.

Record your voice during a Spanish conversation

Listening to your own voice is an excellent option to identify mistakes in pronunciation and to know where you are failing in the conversation. So you will know what to study to increase your level when conversing in Spanish. If you are taking Spanish courses, you can show these recordings to your teacher and be evaluated by a professional.

Think in Spanish to converse in Spanish

As strange as it may seem, this is one of the most efficient ways to become fluent in Spanish. In the Spanish courses in Mexico, Oaxaca or Riviera Maya you can learn the basics to understand the language, but thinking in Spanish is an extra “skill” that you must develop and it is built when you avoid translating sentences in your mind.

In addition to learn Spanish in Mexico City or in one of our other locations, you must also be willing to practice, develop dialogues and sentences in your mind. When the opportunity arises to practice with another person or even carry out the conversation, you will be able to do so without any problem.

Where can I learn to converse in Spanish?

If you are looking for a place to learn Spanish in a practical and fun way, Alegre Spanish Schools has Spanish courses in different locations in Mexico.

Our Spanish schools are located in strategic places in the country. Explore the sites of one of the largest cities in Latin America by taking Spanish courses in Mexico City, enjoy the turquoise blue sea and sand near our Spanish School in Oaxaca, and learn about the history of one of the most important pre-Hispanic civilizations in the world while taking Spanish courses in Riviera Maya.