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Practice activities to learn the Spanish language

We share with you practice activities to learn the Spanish language that you can complement with the courses of our Spanish Schools in Mexico.

Surely you have heard that Spanish is a Romance language, this means that if you speak French, Italian or Portuguese, it will be easier to understand Spanish, because of the similarities in the roots of these languages.

The best ways to learn Spanish

Study in a country where Spanish is the main language

Taking Spanish courses in Mexico and exploring a country where everyone speaks Spanish is one of the best ways to practice your communication skills. By living, taking Spanish courses and working with native speakers on a daily basis, you will be fully immersed in the language.

Watch Spanish-speaking programs

This is one of the most fun ways to learn a language, you just need to choose the Spanish programs, series or movies you like, pay attention and gather as much information as possible. In case you listen and identify the words you don’t know, it will be an excellent way to nourish your vocabulary or you can ask your doubts to a teacher in any of our Spanish Schools.

Listening to music to learn the Spanish language

Another of the most enjoyable practice methods is listening to music, as it is an incredible way to learn the Spanish language.

You will unexpectedly begin to understand the words you learned in the Spanish Courses. There is a lot of music in Spanish on digital platforms to train your ear and complement your learning, as well as downloading lyrics, watching music videos, etc.

Socialize with Spanish speakers

An efficient way to learn the Spanish language is to socialize with Spanish speakers. Conversing in person or on social networks are practice activities that will increase your level in the language.

We know that practicing with music is not the same as having to answer questions or comments in real time, so these exercises will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can make more progress every day.

If you are taking Spanish classes, you will find classmates with whom you can practice the language and engage in conversation. Learning a language with peers who have the same level of knowledge is an opportunity to practice and support each other during the learning process.

Obstacles to learning Spanish

Learning the Spanish language has obstacles, for example, one of the main challenges a student has is verb conjugation. However, in Spanish classes you will learn the language in a practical way and you will be able to test your knowledge when you visit restaurants, supermarkets or tourist sites in Mexico City, Oaxaca or Riviera Maya.

Alegre Spanish Schools is a group of schools that offer Spanish courses in Mexico to learn the language quickly and efficiently. Enroll now and explore Mexico and learn the language.