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Basic Spanish skills

Basic Spanish skills

What are the basic Spanish skills? We share with you some of the expressions and vocabulary that you will learn in Alegre Spanish Schools’ Spanish classes for beginners.

Spanish language is easy to learn, especially for native speakers of a Romance language. Latin base that several languages have in common represents a number of similarities in certain words or expressions, especially Portuguese, Italian and French.

The likelihood of learning the Spanish language quickly is high, as long as the student is disciplined, patient and practices properly to achieve his or her goals easily.

Where to learn the basics of Spanish?

If you want to learn Spanish, Alegre Spanish Schools has language schools that offer Spanish courses in Mexico City, Oaxaca and Riviera Maya.

Basic Spanish expressions

The following groups of expressions are part of the basic knowledge of Spanish that every native speaker knows and uses on a daily basis.

Greetings and farewells

Greetings and farewells are the main expressions of any language, we can use them in different tones: formal, informal, depending on the time, etc.

Some basic Spanish expressions and greetings that can be learned in our classes:

  • Hola (hello, hi)
  • Adiós (bye)
  • Buenos días (good morning)
  • Buenas tardes (good afternoon / good evening)
  • Buenas noches (good night)
  • Hasta mañana (see you tomorrow)
  • Sí (Yes)
  • No (No/Not)
  • Por favor (Please)
  • Gracias (thank you)
  • De nada (you are welcome)
  • Me llamo… (My name is…)
  • Soy de… (I am from…)

Communicate your personal information

When we travel and have to fill out personal information, it is important to know the Spanish terms in order to carry out the proper process. In the Spanish courses at our Spanish Schools you will learn how to introduce yourself and give your personal information on specific occasions.

  • Name (name)
  • Last name (surname)
  • Date of birth (date of birth)
  • Age (age)
  • Nationality (nationality)
  • Address
  • Postal Code (Postal Code)
  • Profession (Occupation)

Spanish Verbs and Conjugations

Both could not be missing in the basic knowledge of Spanish. This first are used to express the actions, movements, existence and state of the subject. In the Spanish Courses in Oaxaca, in the CDMX or Riviera Maya, you will learn that these grammatical structures are adapted to the different tenses, that is to say, they are conjugated. When a verb is conjugated, its ending changes and its function varies.

Are the basic Spanish topics difficult?

Learning the basics of Spanish may seem complicated, however, taking immersive Spanish classes in a Spanish-speaking country completely changes the learning experience and the time to master the language.

Learn Spanish at Alegre Spanish Schools with expert Spanish teachers at any of our Spanish Schools in Mexico.