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What defines an excellent Spanish teacher in our Spanish courses?

Discover the professional characteristics and vocational qualities that every teacher at our Spanish schools in Mexico has to teach in our Spanish courses.

It takes time and effort for Spanish teachers to keep up-to-date with ever-changing teaching methods. The integration of electronic devices and digital tools has led to self-learning and revolutionized the way of learning Spanish, giving us greater possibilities to study Spanish in Mexico City.

There are several international certified Spanish courses, however much of the educational quality is due to the preparation, experience and vocation of the teaching staff. For this reason, we present you important characteristics of an Spanish language teacher to choose Spanish courses in Mexico.

How are our Spanish teachers?

Understanding and supporting students

Teachers who teach Spanish courses for children and adults control the environment and create an environment conducive to learning, so their perseverance in helping their students learn Spanish quickly is exemplified by the repetition of words and phrases on a daily basis, with the goal of practicing language skills.

In our Spanish classes, students understand the lessons faster, due to the interactive mechanics of the classes. Likewise, the focus is increased by the environment of trust in which the students find themselves, since they have allocated space and time to study Spanish in Mexico City.

Maintain student engagement

Make sure the lessons are student-centered to stay active during the lessons. In this way, students are committed to learning the language. How to incorporate Spanish language into everyday activities to practice? Students need to understand how the content of the lessons relates to their daily lives.

Every Spanish teacher use original materials

It is essential to use a wide variety of original tools and materials. Also, integrate the material with activities to personalize the lessons and increase their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Just as importantly, language teachers can identify the student’s level of Spanish, strengths and weaknesses, interests, and goals to recognize the learning strategy that best suits the student.

For example, a student needs to score high on the IELTS test but does not know how to achieve it. Therefore, you need to recognize that Spanish classes are just as important and sign up for IELTS preparation courses. This way you will understand that honing your Spanish skills will allow you to get a better score in IELTS.

Promote self-learning with the Spanish course

Teaching the topics of the syllabus is essential, but an Spanish teacher instructs the students on how to learn. Promoting self-learning by providing them with good study practices necessary to practice Spanish independently significantly increases language learning progress.

Strategies for increasing vocabulary come largely from self-learning habits that are incorporated into daily life. Likewise, the student develops the rest of the language skills to expand their knowledge and mastery of the language.

Spanish teacher: Professional and continuous updating

The best Spanish teachers focus on your professional development. Therefore at International House our teachers participate in continuous updates to provide the highest academic quality. Our teachers enjoy teaching the language within a solid team and in a harmonious environment.

At International House all teachers are highly qualified with high-level certificates. Therefore, they comply with international indicators for the teaching of the Spanish language.

Start the new year with learning a new skill that contributes to the realization of your goals for this 2021: enroll in our Spanish classes with international certificate where you can learn Spanish in Mexico with native teachers and experts in teaching Spanish.

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