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Ser vs estar: Learn the differences at our Spanish Schools in Mexico

Ser vs estar Learn the differences at our Spanish Schools in Mexico

Ser vs estar are two similar verbs in Spanish and have become one of the challenges for beginners in our Spanish courses. For this reason, we designed a learning guide to learn the differences and conjugations.

On the other hand, the immersive Spanish practice at our Spanish schools in Mexico will allow you to make rapid progress in each of the grammar topics of the language.

Spanish ser vs estar

Spanish verb ser

The verb ser determines the characteristics of the subject permanently or over a long period of time. Therefore, this verb is used for descriptions of qualities which define the subject and will not change any time soon. In our Spanish lessons in Mexico City or at the best Spanish school in Cancun you will learn the variations of the verb with the following complements:

  • Physical characteristics
  • Nationalities
  • Occupations
  • Relationships

The definition can be a bit confusing, but with an example we can identify which attributes describe the subject through this verb.

Subject Verb Description Origin Occupation Relationships
Jhon es alto, generoso y profesional. Alemán Doctor mi hermano
Chocolate es dulce y delicioso. de México


In our Spanish courses in Mexico you will learn that the verb ser in Spanish allows you to describe time expressions such as days, dates, years and the time on the clock.

Time Verb Description
Hoy es miércoles
Ahora son las 5:30 pm
Ayer fue mi cumpleaños

Spanish verb ser

The verb estar is used to indicate temporal states and locations, so we can describe the location, action, conditions or emotions of the subject.

Sujeto Verbo Posición Localización Acción Condición Emociones
Jhon está sentado en el sillón en casa de sus papas jugando ajedrez descansando tranquilo y feliz.
Chocolate está dentro de la alacena

Difference between the Spanish verbs ser and estar

The very definition of both verb tenses for studying Spanish ser vs estar determine the difference between each: the tense. In other words, the Spanish verb ser is used to describe the permanent characteristics of the subject, while the Spanish verb estar refers to the temporal qualities.

Examples for studying Spanish verbs ser vs estar

As well as studying the Spanish verbs ser and estar at our Spanish language schools to learn Spanish in Mexico City, Oaxaca or Cancun, you can also practice your knowledge straight out of your Spanish lessons. The advantage of learning the official language of a country within its territory allows for complete immersion in order to master it.

In Spanish classes Mexico City or any of our locations you will learn the infinite number of Spanish verb combinations ser vs estar.

Spanish verb Ser Spanish verb estar
ser pálido estar pálido
ser verde estar verde
ser viejo estar viejo
ser orgulloso estar orgulloso

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