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3 methods to learn Spanish vocabulary for beginners

3 methods to learn Spanish vocabulary for beginners - 3 métodos para aprender vocabulario en español para principiantes

Learning Spanish vocabulary for beginners has never been easier! We share with you 3 methods that you can combine with our Spanish courses in Mexico.

Some learners feel overwhelmed with the amount of new information and the pressure to communicate in the local language in real life situations. The solution is to enroll in Spanish courses in Mexico; you will learn Spanish through immersion and apply the acquired knowledge immediately.

Using the following methods in Spanish classes will allow you to fully understand the vocabulary and remember it. In this way, you will be able to communicate effectively and advance to the next levels of the language.

How to learn Spanish vocabulary for beginners?

Memorizing lists to learn Spanish vocabulary does not guarantee long-term knowledge retention. Instead, taking Spanish courses in Mexico to learn the language through immersion is part of an effective method of language learning. For this reason, we will share with you 3 methods to learn Spanish vocabulary.

Learn Spanish vocabulary with flashcards in Spanish courses

Using flashcards to learn Spanish in our Spanish Schools will help you organize the knowledge you learned during the Spanish courses and you will be able to practice in real life situations.

How to use this method in Spanish classes?

  1. On a card write a word you discovered in the Spanish courses and its meaning.
  2. Add synonyms, antonyms or related words.
  3. Write sentences that include the word.
  4. If necessary, write more reference information or draw a picture.

Advantages of using flashcards in Spanish classes

Here are the advantages of learning Spanish vocabulary with flashcards in Spanish classes compared to a simple vocabulary list.

  • Recognize your progress by the number of flashcards you have understood.
  • Take quizzes or play games to learn Spanish for beginners.
  • Create a personalized learning process to learn the word.
  • Organize flashcards by categories.
    • Words with the same meaning (synonyms).
    • Words with opposite meaning (antonyms).
    • Different words when learning Spanish in Mexico City, Oaxaca or Cancun.
    • Vocabulary words by topic: supermarket, restaurant, classroom, etc.

Relate key words in Spanish classes

The keyword method will help you remember vocabulary that is difficult to learn or easy to forget.

How to use this method in Spanish classes?

Here are three techniques to use this method in Spanish courses in Mexico.

  1. Link the vocabulary in relation to the spelling or sound of a word in English or in your native language.
  2. Associate the word with the meaning in English, an image or a phrase.
  3. Relate the word and its meaning to an experience in or outside of our Spanish Schools in Mexico.

Advantages of using keywords to learn vocabulary

The keyword method is recommended for learning Spanish vocabulary for beginners.

  • A basic method that will allow you to understand the language is to literally translate the words from Spanish to English in your first Spanish classes.
  • When you are a beginner in the language, anchoring a word to a memory, phrase, image or meaning in English will help you remember it easily and quickly.

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Use vocabulary in conversation and writing

As we mentioned, the best way to learn Spanish is through immersion, so we recommend you to choose among the locations of our Spanish Schools in Mexico to start the learning process and acquire the language through unforgettable experiences. Learning Spanish in Mexico City, Oaxaca or Cancun will allow you to learn regional words that you can add to your vocabulary level.

How to use this method in Spanish courses in Mexico?

Although the above methods are useful, you will not fully learn the vocabulary if you do not use it in conversation and writing. Context is the key to learning vocabulary!

Advantages of using new vocabulary in conversation and writing

  • In Spanish courses in Mexico you will quickly learn how to pronounce and use the words you have studied in real life situations.
  • Learn Spanish in context with certified, native-speaking teachers.
  • Remember the words as you use them in real conversational sentences.
  • You will get helpful feedback from your teachers at Spanish Schools or in conversations with native speakers.

Now that you know the major advantage of learning Spanish vocabulary for beginners in Spanish courses in Mexico… Enroll now!

It can be intimidating to learn Spanish in Mexico City, however local people are friendly when they are treated the same. The key is to keep your mind open to learning new things to integrate and adapt to the community.

Start studying Spanish in Mexico City, Oaxaca or Playa del Carmen in 2022 and keep your New Year’s resolution to learn the language!