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Train your listening skills with these activities in our Spanish courses for beginners

Entrena tus habilidades auditivas en los cursos de español

Can’t understand conversations in Spanish? In the Spanish courses for beginners  you will learn by active listening and develop your listening skills.

Understanding the phonetics of a new language can be complicated, however in the Spanish classes we provide you with the necessary tools to practice the Spanish language and understand native speakers. You will have countless opportunities to practice listening comprehension with specialized material and expert teachers. The best way to practice listening skills is to be active, that is, always in contact with the language. So, you don’t always have to study the classic way at your desk, listening comprehension training activities can be easily integrated into your daily routine.

Why do you need to practice your listening skills?

Listening comprehension is extremely important for understanding and actively using the language in Spanish courses for beginners and the real world. To demonstrate the importance of developing this Spanish language skill, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you give answers if you don’t understand the question?
  • Do you pronounce the words correctly if you have not heard them before?
  • Would you understand information from Spanish classes?

Language learners prefer to interact regularly and between practice integrate listening skills training. The technique can be applied to different everyday situations.

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Practice listening in and out of Spanish courses for beginners

In terms of listening comprehension, you can differentiate between active and passive practice. Here are the two options with which you can complement your Spanish classes:

Practice listening with monotonous activities

Identify activities that do not require too much mental attention and choose audio files suitable for these times of the day, so you can practice your listening skills in parallel. It won’t take much effort and you don’t have to multitask to spend time on more than one activity.

Drive a car and listen to podcasts in Spanish

You probably think that it is an activity that needs all your senses to perform it, however listening allows you to keep your eyesight and concentration on other tasks. That is why we recommend listening to audio from Spanish classes or a podcast on a personal or work-related topic that interests you. The important thing is to get your ear and brain used to listening to the language while being in contact with it at all times.

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Travel by public transport and learn Spanish with audios

To practice listening in Spanish on public transportation, all you need to do is play the Spanish courses for beginners material on your mobile device (iPad, phone or iPod) and put on your headphones. The time we spend on public transportation every day can add up to a lot of time when you add up the hours of a week or month. For this reason, we recommend you take advantage of this time with a productive activity that will help you recognize Spanish words.

Walking and learning Spanish

Of course, it is not necessary to listen to Spanish audios every time you leave the house, but we recommend that you take a walk to practice, think and relax in the process. Walking is an ideal way to practice listening skills, plus you will be able to relate your learning to the places you go and it will be easier for you to remember the content of the Spanish classes.

Keep your listening active at restaurants or social events

At a business lunch or social event you are likely to meet a foreign person, so it becomes an opportunity to practice and test your skills in the language you acquired in the Spanish courses. Identify the accent, pronunciation and rhythm of the speaker and try to interact with him/her.

Practice with a partner in the Spanish courses for beginners

One of the tools and practices of the Spanish courses is the conversation club, which is a space where the activities focus on practicing listening and speaking, although you will also need the rest of the skills. In addition to this interesting area of the Spanish courses for beginners, you can also look for a partner who shares the same learning level to develop your language skills.

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Meet a foreigner and practice with him/her

A rare but very effective option is to talk to a foreigner or a person who is fluent in the language. In this way, you will test your skills in real time, especially listening comprehension and receiving specific feedback. The practice can be occasional or regular, but we definitely recommend you to try this option to complement your Spanish courses.

Register in Spanish courses for beginners

The most recommended way to develop your Spanish skills is by taking Spanish courses, because the comprehensive activities will boost your learning in all four areas of the language: listening, reading, speaking and writing. Don’t forget that we have promotions on Spanish courses for beginners, so take advantage of them and start learning a new language as soon as possible. Nowadays, the working world demands bilingual or multilingual professionals, so don’t be left behind and get ready! Clases de ingles en linea

Spanish teacher training courses

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