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Get to know the best places to learn Spanish in Mexico

Conoce los mejores lugares para aprender español en México

These are the cities where you can learn Spanish with our Spanish courses and live an immersive experience in the language.

Mexico is one of the best places to learn Spanish with Spanish courses. And it is that despite the variations that the language can have by the regions, as well as the pronunciation, this is something that we would find in all languages, where it is spoken in a certain way in the north and south. However, there are cities that are more prepared to receive tourists who intend to learn Spanish, and here are the best ones.

Guanajuato, Guanajuato

A beautiful colonial city that is also the capital of the state with which it shares the name, Guanajuato is one of the preferred cities in Mexico to learn Spanish. Here you can not only find Spanish schools throughout the center, but the city itself is very friendly and beautiful, as well as its community, which always welcomes foreigners.

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Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Located on the coast of Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta is one of the most famous vacation destinations in Mexico, thanks to its almost perfect climate, its various lines of contact and cheap flights. But, if what you are looking for is to spend more time in this beautiful region of the country, take advantage of the Spanish schools and learn our language, it will be very useful to get to know the city more and put what you have learned into practice.

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Mexico City

If we are talking about Spanish courses and learning Spanish, without a doubt the capital of the country could not be left out. And it also has the most advanced transport lines in the country, it also has the headquarters of the most important universities in Mexico, something that is also accompanied by private and language schools that you will surely take advantage of to learn the language in Spanish courses. And if we add to this the fact that the capital has become one of the hot spots for foreign visitors, you will surely be interested in taking a tour of the city.

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Puebla, Puebla

If the capital seems a bit overwhelming, you can move a little south and you will find the state of Puebla and the city that shares the same name. Puebla, which was previously a colonial city, is now a city full of color with accessible destinations for all travelers and those who want to learn Spanish in Spanish courses. With many options to learn Spanish and also to get to know the city, Puebla also has one of the best cuisines in the country. So take advantage and get to know this city and its surroundings at the same time that you learn the language in our Spanish schools.

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Cancun Quintana Roo

If there is a place that could not be missing on this list, it is undoubtedly Cancun, the tourist destination par excellence for all the visitors of the world.

With blue beaches, cenotes, the best cuisine in the country, and full of culture, Cancun offers all kinds of attractions for all types of visitors. Also, if you are looking to learn Spanish in the area and learn more about the culture of our country, there are many alternatives to learn Spanish in a very short time. Spanish courses like those at IH Riviera Maya will help you to communicate quickly with locals, learn Spanish and be more in touch with people.

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