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Learn how to prepare to teach Spanish abroad and diversify the opportunities to travel or teach online nationally and internationally. Get ready to jump-start your career with an International Spanish certification at International House.

At International House you can take a professional Spanish courses to become an spanish teacher and travel all over the world breaking communication barriers.

Like Spanish, our language is the most widely spoken in the world and foreigners who come to Mexico tend to begin their academic training with an intensive and effective Spanish courses at any stage of their life.

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Professionals who teach the Spanish language have opportunities to travel or study in another country while teaching their mother tongue on a professional level in Spanish Schools. They also know how to teach Spanish as long as they are specialized in a second foreign language. Therefore, an alternative is for them to travel to nations where they do not speak Spanish teacher training courses.

Keep preparing as an Spanish teacher

The Spanish teacher training courses for Spanish teachers FPELE is the preparation that can be taken by professionals who have a career in the field, or that is aimed at native and non-native Spanish speakers.

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The English course provides the teaching tools and methods you will need to build strategic and personalized training plans. You will be able to acquire skills and abilities to promote learning Spanish with presentations and dynamic exercises that are focused on the age of your students in the best Spanish school in Cancun.

Why teach Spanish classes abroad?

Teaching Spanish abroad is a possibility to live traveling or just settle for a period of time in another country. However, the country will have to meet the requirement that the inhabitants have the need to learn Spanish.

Becoming a Spanish teacher gives you the opportunity to get to know another country and learn about its culture over a long period of time. In the meantime you will receive retribution for exercising this noble profession and you will meet a large number of people.

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The requirements to teach Spanish abroad are constantly changing. For this reason, we invite you to get ready to comply with the regulations and have everything you need to plan your trip or teach classes in Mexico with Spanish teacher training courses.

A world of possibilities with online Spanish courses

Your options for teaching are diverse. However, we are in times where it is necessary to stay home due to COVID-19 and your profession has the advantage of adapting. For this reason, the implementation in Spanish classes with the use of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) is important at this time and always.

Currently teaching online is an advantage to continue teaching your course through sessions on a virtual platform. The use of cloud services, email and file transfers are tools that have allowed us to continue working from home.

For this reason, your national or international students will be able to continue with their preparation to obtain the Spanish certificate in one of the best Spanish school in Cancun.

Get ready, the perfect time is now

Take advantage of the time, it is the opportunity to boost the growth of your professional career in Spanish. Expand your knowledge and bring it internationally, a certification has the power to achieve this and the perfect time to start is now. We invite you to discover our online Spanish courses at Alegre Spanish Schools!

The certificate will allow you to practice as an Spanish teacher in companies, educational institutions or in a large number of countries in the world.

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Learn about our specialized FPELE Spanish courses for teachers with international standards.

Choose the Spanish teacher training courses at International House México that suits your goals and start preparing today.