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Intensive Spanish course to study in Mexico

Curso intensivo de español para estudiar en Mexico

Interchange in Mexico, but need to take an intensive Spanish course? Learn why students from all over the world take Spanish courses at Alegre Spanish Schools and continue with your professional preparation at Universities in Mexico.

Prepare yourself with Spanish courses in Mexico to improve your personal communication and perform properly in your professional university preparation. For this reason, we will analyze why it is important to know where to take Spanish classes to graduate from a professional career at Universities in Mexico.

Alegre Spanish Schools welcomes language students from different cities around the world to increase their linguistic communication skills in Spanish courses in Mexico.

Below, we will discuss why you need to take an intensive Spanish course to have an exceptional command of the language, the skills you will increase and certification options.

Intensive Spanish course to study in Mexico

Don’t let your efforts during your professional preparation be affected by your Spanish proficiency, prepare yourself and learn Spanish in Mexico City from Alegre to achieve your goals.

Our Spanish courses are designed to learn Spanish in Mexico City through practice, the objective is that you will be able to communicate adequately and effectively in the language. The skills you will develop during the Spanish classes are:

  • Listening: You will understand a conversation with native speakers on essential topics such as news.
  • Speaking: Conversations will be fluent in social as well as professional life. You will be able to express yourself fluently on a variety of topics.
  • Reading: You will be able to identify the main ideas of complex texts. Including technical vocabulary close to your professional background.
  • Writing: You will have the ability to write clear and detailed texts.

You can take Spanish courses during the number of weeks you decide and you will obtain a certificate of the preparation you received. You can even finish the school year to take an official exam and obtain an ELE certificate from the Cervantes Institute. Increase your level of proficiency in the Spanish language with our Spanish courses for adults to obtain the score and certificate necessary for your professional preparation. Get ready to learn effective Spanish with the same dedication you put into your career!

Best Spanish school in Cancun

Spanish Courses Playa del Carmen, learn with a view of the ocean.

If you want to take a vacation in Mexico, you can learn Spanish in a tourist paradise and get to know a new culture. We recommend you to enroll in the Spanish school Playa del Carmen.

The Spanish course Playa del Carmen has additional special classes where you can learn the local language quickly and safely. You can learn some dance steps to the rhythm of Spanish music or learn the language with a productive approach in the Spanish Business classes. Start your Spanish language learning journey in Playa del Carmen and achieve your language goals while visiting amazing places in Cancun. Sign up today to learn Spanish by the sea with Spanish classes.

Learn Spanish in Playa del Carmen

Take an intensive Spanish course and teach your native language

Get certified to teach English to increase career opportunities while you are in Mexico. Some people decide to start teaching their native language when they are in another country, this means a new professional opportunity.

Also, one of the requirements to take courses for language teachers is a professional degree, so people who decide to stay in Mexico for a longer period of time (with the corresponding documentation) can start an alternative career as a certified language teacher.

CELTA certificate to work in any country as an English teacher, you will have to take the corresponding preparation which is based on practical activities in front of real students where teaching techniques and class hours are evaluated in the CELTA course.

Learn Spanish in Playa del Carmen