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Study Spanish Superlative Adjectives

Study Spanish Superlative Adjectives - Estudia los adjetivos superlativos del español

Spanish superlative adjectives are often complex and with the following guide from Alegre’s Spanish courses in Mexico you will be able to understand them and use them correctly.

What are superlative adjectives in Spanish?

Adjectives are relative adjectives that denote the highest degree of manifestation of a trait (usually among three or more people, things or concepts). In Spanish courses you will learn to be consistent of their noun characteristics in gender and number in order to use them correctly.

Exceptions of superlative adjectives in Spanish

Also, in Spanish classes the first that superlative adjectives in this language have only two forms: more or less, and in translation it sounds something like “the most”. This degree is constructed by the formula: el/la/los/las/las + más/menos + adjective. Although there are some exceptions such as menor and mayor are also kept here:

  • Everest is the highest mountain.
  • I have three brothers. The youngest is called Juan.
  • In our country, the girls are the most beautiful.

Spanish superlative adjectives by degrees

Superlatives indicate the highest or lowest degree of comparison of a characteristic of an object. They are formed using the suffixes –ásimo and -a, -os, -as.

Follow the structure of this type of superlative adjectives you can learn in Spanish Schools in Mexico.


Sufijo -ásimo + (-a, -os, -as)

Fácil Facilísimo
Duro (a) Durísimo, durísima
Urgente Urgentísimo

Special form of superlative adjectives

Adjectives that form a special form in a comparative degree also have their own form of formation to be remembered in superlatives. Learn how to make them Spanish Schools that these Spanish superlative adjectives are extreme and do not necessarily require two subjects to indicate the comparison.

  • Óptimo
  • Pésimo
  • Máximo
  • Mínimo
  • Superior
  • Supremo
  • Inferior

Learn Spanish in Mexico City will allow you to put this knowledge into practice immediately after leaving the classroom.

This group of energetic superlatives in Spanish indicates the state of a specific characteristic. Study Spanish in Mexico City and don’t forget not to place tan, más, menos and muy before the absolute superlative –ísimo (these adverbs do not precede mejor, peor, mayor, menor, superior and inferior).

Spanish courses Oaxaca, Cancun or Mexico City

The Spanish school Cancun these adjectives are formed from existing nouns of objects, actions or phenomena through which they express a characteristic.

Taking Spanish classes in Mexico City, Oaxaca or Cancun will allow you to live an immersion experience in the language that will help you understand the correct use of Spanish superlative adjectives.

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