Study Spanish accents in these Spanish courses for adults - Estudia los acentos de español en estos cursos de español para adultos

Want to Study Spanish accents? Here we tell you where to take Spanish courses for adults to learn different accents of the language in our Spanish Schools.

A person’s accent is a part of their identity and culture. Just as there are differences between British and American English, the Spanish language also has variations in accents, pronunciation and phrases.

Spanish accents vary by region, so there are several accents in a single country. You probably feel overwhelmed with all the variables, but you should know that even native speakers from Mexico have a hard time understanding how people from Chile speak. We will suggest you the best Spanish Schools in Mexico for take Spanish courses for adults.

Study spanish abroad, the best way to study Spanish accents

When you take Spanish courses for adults abroad you learn the language more quickly; this is due to the need to use the language to communicate in simple, everyday activities such as buying water, ordering a cab, eating in a restaurant, etc. Learning Spanish through an immersive experience allows you to acquire the accent of the place where you are. For example: if you decided to enroll in a Spanish course Playa del Carmen, then you will learn Spanish with the local accent of this city.

Below, we recommend the best Spanish schools where you can take Spanish courses for adults and learn the language easily thanks to the accent.

Learn Mexican accent in our Spanish schools in Mexico

Where to learn Spanish? It is recommended that students take Spanish courses for adults in countries like Mexico, where the accent is considered to be understandable and clear. We will guide you to know the tourist attractions where the following Spanish schools in Mexico are located to learn the language with the Mexican accent and enjoy your stay in the country.

Learn Spanish in Mexico City

If you like big cities then you need to start study Spanish in Mexico City. Our language school is located in a safe and central area of the city, so you can take Spanish courses for adults and explore the city in any direction to visit museums, parks, restaurants, etc.

Best Spanish School In Cancun

Start your Spanish courses in Mexico at one of the most recognized language schools in the world: International House. Our Spanish program is a complete immersion in the language where pronunciation is key for real situations and contexts.

Best Spanish school in Cancun

Cancun is one of the most popular tourist areas in Mexico and a favorite place to take Spanish courses for adults. Our Spanish School Cancun offers different interactive lessons that you can combine with your intensive Spanish course. The objective of these special Spanish classes is to promote participation and interaction among the students, while doing activities such as cooking, diving or negotiating with Spanish business.

Playa Del Carmen Spanish School

There are different offers of Spanish courses for adults in Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya, but which is the best Spanish school in Cancun? Discover it in our blog and start your aquatic adventure in cenotes, underwater museums or on the beach.

Spanish Courses in Oaxaca

Although the regional accent of Oaxaca in Mexico is different from the accent in the center of the country; this factor will not prevent you from learning Spanish efficiently. Alegre Spanish Schools’ Spanish courses for adults are practice-based and goal-oriented. Our Spanish classes Mexico City focus on the communicative usefulness of the language, both in the comprehension and expression of the language in an intensive way.

Learn Colombian accent in our Spanish School Bogota

After learn Spanish in Mexico City, you can now continue your preparation with a more complex accent in our Spanish classes in Bogota. The Colombian accent has different nuances, although the variations are relatively neutral and clear. The “s” sounds slightly like “shh”, while the letters “b”, “d” and “g” are occlusive in Colombian Spanish.

Learn Spanish In Playa Del Carmen

If you wish to visit other Latin American countries and take Spanish courses for adults with different accents, then we recommend you to visit our Spanish school Bogota to access the next level of difficulty in accent comprehension.

Spanish teacher training courses

All of our native and non-native teachers have professional training or Teacher Training, and have years of experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners. At IH Riviera Maya you will find the right preparation to teach Spanish professionally. The Spanish teacher training courses allow you to learn about the student’s learning process and how to optimize it through the integration of an objective-oriented study program.

If you prefer to teach English, we recommend you to update your English teaching strategies with a CELTA course or a Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) course. Get your CELTA certificate with International House!

Spanish Course Playa Del Carmen