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How to teach Spanish without experience?

Cómo enseñar español sin experiencia - Alegre Spanish schools

We help you to get your first opportunity as a recently graduated Spanish teacher training to teach Spanish without experience. Follow the following tips and continue your professional preparation.

There are several situations in which people want to teach Spanish without experience: recent graduates who have not taught Spanish courses; native Spanish speakers who are abroad; people with a professional degree who want to become ELE Spanish teachers; etc. According to your situation, we will guide you to start your Teacher Training preparation or generate professional experience.

Teaching Spanish without being a teacher

There is a myth that any native speaker can teach their own language, however we recommend that both native and non-native speakers take Spanish teacher training.

Why do you need to take Spanish teacher training courses? It is important to recognize the process and techniques of teaching the Spanish language in order to set goals and know how to achieve them properly. In addition, different institutes and programs for language teachers require a certificate that validates the skills and knowledge to teach Spanish courses with high academic value.

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Newly graduated Spanish teachers with a Spanish Teacher Training degree or certificate who want to teach Spanish without work experience must justify that they have the ability to teach Spanish classes in real life and achieve the objectives in teaching the language.

Get your first job teaching Spanish without experience

If you have finished your preparation and obtained the ELE certificate; we recommend you to follow the following list of tips to build professional experience and get your first job as a Spanish teacher.

1. Spanish Teacher Training on your CV

Probably one of the most important activities that undergraduate or postgraduate graduates should do is to update their CV. This is the time when you add Spanish Teacher Training courses to your resume, scholarships you received, internships abroad, programs you participated in, volunteer work, awards, honors, and more.

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2.Teach Spanish online

Teaching Spanish online is an alternative tool to consider during or after taking Spanish Teacher Training. One of the ways in which professionals enter the labor market is by being self-employed or freelancers, so we recommend you to register in different platforms for language teachers. Publish your skills, certificates and complete Spanish courses or personalized sessions. This channel will become one of your first career opportunities.

3. Teacher Training: Continue to prepare yourself

You probably want to enter the job market immediately after graduating as a language teacher. However, this is the time when you should think about continuing your preparation or Teacher Training to specialize in a professional area, or start a new career to teach another language.

4.Programs to teach Spanish abroad

Participating in programs for Spanish teachers abroad will help you break down the barrier of teaching Spanish without experience.

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According to different job portals, professionals who take courses, programs or work abroad have greater job opportunities in their country. Why does this happen? Employers are looking for people with vision, perspective and adaptability to teach an intensive Spanish course.

In addition, you will be able to personally explore a new culture, meet people with different ideologies, and visit different places.

Is it possible to teach Spanish without an university degree?

A frequent question among people who want to teach Spanish without experience is: Do I need a university degree to teach Spanish? The reality is that this is one of the documents you need to enroll in the Spanish teacher training courses at IH Riviera Maya. Therefore, if you need a university degree to teach Spanish.

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How to teach Spanish without knowing English?

Obviously, people who want to teach Spanish need to take professional preparation to teach Spanish. However, to teach Spanish to foreigners at the beginning levels, it is necessary to resort to a common language to give directions or explanations occasionally. Therefore, we recommend that native or non-native English language teachers take English Training to teach English and use English as a communication aid in Spanish classes.

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At IH Riviera Maya you can enroll in an English teacher training course to learn English teaching techniques. Within the educational offer of our language school you can choose between preparing yourself with a CELTA course that will give you the necessary tools to obtain the CELTA certificate; or start your career as an English teacher nationally or internationally with TKT courses. Both certificates will allow you to teach English courses online or face-to-face.

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