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Learn Spanish or Portuguese?

Learn Spanish or Portuguese first? It is one of the dilemmas of language students and here we will solve your learning path with our Spanish Schools in Mexico.

Learning Spanish before Portuguese has advantages for the learning process of the other Romance languages. The roots of Spanish and Portuguese are shared with languages such as French, Italian and Romanian that predominate in Europe.

Below, we will analyze both languages, their origins and why you should start taking Spanish courses in Mexico to begin the learning process.

Learn Spanish or Portuguese?

At Alegre Spanish Schools we have analyzed the basic concepts of these two apparently similar languages. However, they will surprise you at Spanish classes because they are quite different.

Spanish vs. Portuguese

History between Spanish and Portuguese

  • The origins of Spanish and Portuguese are distant in time and location. The ancestor of the Portuguese language is the ancient Gallo-Portuguese. Whereas, the basis of Spanish originated in Castile in the Middle Ages.
  • Spanish arose near the Ebro River as far north as the Pyrenees. In contrast, the main location of the Portuguese language is in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. The Celts gave the Portuguese language the sound similar to modern French.

Differences between the two languages

First of all, we recommend you to take Spanish courses, as it is one of the easiest Romance languages to learn due to its grammatical structure, pronunciation and use in different Latin American countries.

On the other hand, Portuguese contains sound swallowing, requires vowel alignment and some words do not finish pronunciation.

  • Scientists believe that 90% of the basic concepts of Spanish and Portuguese words are the same.
  • One difference between Spanish and Portuguese is the grammatical basis mainly in the articles and tenses of each.
  • Portuguese also has a more extensive phonetic base.
  • The similarity of the vocabulary is explained by the common origins of the origin of most of the words.
  • In the Spanish language you will find different Americanisms, but in Spanish they are less frequent.

Recognize the characteristics that we share with you at the best Spanish school in Cancun, while you enjoy the tropical paradise of the area. You can also learn Spanish in Mexico City and meet Portuguese speakers at the same time.

Learning Spanish and Portuguese at the same time?

Despite the difference between the two languages, some Portuguese and Spanish can easily understand each other. As we have mentioned, both languages are Romance languages, so by learning Spanish and Portuguese at the same time you will recognize the similarities.

Spanish courses in Mexico City, Cancun and Oaxaca

In conclusion, we recommend you to start your learning route with Spanish classes Mexico City and continue exploring the same continent to learn Portuguese.

Learn Spanish before Portuguese in our Spanish School Bogota and become a polyglot in Alegre language schools.

You can also study Spanish in Mexico City for the cultural attractions and multiple activities of the city. Every interaction with the country will challenge your level of communication skills in Spanish.