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How to learn Spanish grammar?

How to learn Spanish grammar - Cómo aprender la gramática del español

What is the best way to learn Spanish grammar? We share with you easy strategies to learn the language in our Spanish courses.

Learn Spanish grammar from a book is completely different from the experience of taking Spanish courses in a Spanish-speaking country like Mexico. Here are the reasons why.

  • Learn Spanish grammar through immersion becomes hands-on learning.
  • Taking Spanish courses in Mexico allows you to socialize with peers who are in the same learning process.
  • Picking up a book and memorizing the rules of grammar is not the same as living experiences and seeing new places while applying your knowledge from Spanish classes.
  • Learning based on speaking practice is faster than taking language courses online or just using a workbook.
  • Hands-on learning at our Spanish Schools in Mexico prepares you to go out and communicate effectively in real situations.

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Tips for learning Spanish grammar

Now that you know the benefits of learning Spanish grammar in Spanish courses in Mexico, we will share with you strategies to learn Spanish grammar rules quickly and easily.

How to learn Spanish grammar for the first time?

From day one, you will start speaking Spanish at Alegre Spanish Schools and grammar always will be present.

  1. The main rule in the Spanish courses is do what your teacher tells you, our teachers have the highest certification in the language.
  2. Secondly, consult all the questions you need to solve one by one. Compared to a textbook, the teachers at our Spanish Schools will be able to support you to understand the language.

Use one method in and out of the Spanish courses

Practicing the language while discovering a new culture is one of the main reasons to learn Spanish in Mexico City, Oaxaca or Cancun. However, using study methods such as flashcards or relating words to your home language will strengthen your knowledge and skills. In addition, new questions will probably arise that you will want to solve with your Spanish course teacher.

For example: Using interactive flash cards with the structural elements of a Spanish sentence will allow you to understand the rules of grammar. Write the verb tenses, vocabulary, prepositions and pronouns on each card.

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Each building block can be rearranged to create different sentences. When it comes to conjugations, we must remember the 80/20 rule for learning Spanish grammar. In other words, study 20% of the vocabulary (mainly regular and irregular verbs) to apply the grammar rules to the rest.

After taking Spanish courses you will be able to identify the structure and grammatical rules to solve language challenges. What’s the best part? You can apply all the knowledge in real time in Mexico.

3 methods to learn Spanish vocabulary for beginners

In the Alegre Spanish Schools blog you will find recommendations of Spanish Schools in Mexico and tips to learn the language. Check out our article with 3 methods to learn Spanish vocabulary to increase your level in the language.

Learn Spanish grammar in layers is the key to success

No one has managed to learn Spanish overnight, which means that learning a new language takes time. As mentioned above, taking Spanish courses in Mexico allows you to apply the knowledge immediately and practice in real situations. This advantage will help you accelerate the process of learning Spanish grammar in the following method.

Each new topic in the Spanish classes is a layer of learning, so to solidify your knowledge we recommend the following steps.

  1. Concentrate on a specific topic in the Spanish courses.
  2. Understand it and practice it through speaking in and out of the Spanish Schools.
  3. Relate it to the rest of the previous topics you learned.

Repeat this process with each topic, the key to success is in step two because you must practice in real conversations. Understanding one topic at a time will allow you to move on without losing previous knowledge of the topics you have learned in Spanish courses in Mexico.

Taking Spanish classes Mexico City, Oaxaca or Playa del Carmen? The academic quality of our language schools maintains its standards in Mexico. Check the prices of the Spanish courses according to the time you will learn the language and enroll in any of our Spanish Schools in Mexico.