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Can I study Spanish in English?

When is it recommended to study Spanish in English? In this article you will find some differences between the two languages and in which situation it is recommended to learn Spanish in English.

The beginning of Spanish courses in Mexico can be overwhelming for beginner students, few people can hold a conversation in this language. Therefore, they usually start classes speaking in their native language or in English because it is universal. So when is it recommended to study Spanish in English?

Learning Spanish in English

As we mentioned in the introduction, usually beginners learn Spanish in Mexico City, Oaxaca or Riviera Maya, will not understand complete sentences and teachers will have to resort to a support language to unify the decoding of the message in conversation. In this case alone, it is recommended to learn Spanish from English.

More advanced students should avoid translating words and sentences, it is necessary to start “thinking in Spanish” to understand and express themselves in the language.

Considerations for studying Spanish in English

Accents in Spanish

The main difference you will find between the Spanish in English in Spanish courses in Mexico City, Riviera Maya or Oaxaca, is the pronunciation.

All Spanish words are pronounced as they are written. However, it is important to pay attention to the prosodic and orthographic accents, as the meaning of some words changes according to the location of the accent.

  • The stress on the penultimate syllable is placed when the word ends in a vowel or consonants “n” and “s”.
  • If the word ends in a consonant (the exception is words ending in “n” and “s”).
  • In writing, pronunciation stresses can be marked with a spelling accent.

Reading and pronunciation

Learning to read and pronounce Spanish words correctly is not so difficult when practiced daily in an immersive environment such as at Alegre Spanish Schools.

In Spanish, unlike the English language, there are quite clear rules for reading, so you will be able to read any word correctly, even words you have never heard before.

Spanish Grammar

Some students taking Spanish classes in Mexico City have found the grammar of the language to be complicated. The difficulty lies in the large number of word endings that correspond to gender and number, according to the verb, tense and mood (expressive, subjunctive and imperative).

Tips for studying Spanish in English

Which Spanish language school to choose? We recommend you to consider the following points to evaluate the Spanish courses in Oaxaca, Riviera Maya or CDMX.

Enroll in one of our Spanish Schools and start your classes studying Spanish in English to understand the language from day one.