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Strategies to teach Spanish as a second language

Already certified to officially teach Spanish courses? Enroll in our Teacher Training courses and implement the following strategies to teach Spanish.

Spanish Teacher Training courses and English Teacher Training contain theoretical and practical methods that you can implement to get effective results in language teaching. However, in this article we will focus on strategies to teach Spanish in an attractive, interactive and alternative way in an intensive Spanish course.

How to teach Spanish as a second language?

The first step to teaching Spanish is to take the proper professional preparation to understand the process of teaching and learning the language. Professionals with a university degree only need to enter the Spanish Teacher Training program to get their official certificate and start teaching Spanish.

Meanwhile, ELE teachers who wish to update their methods for teaching Spanish will need to upgrade through Teacher Training courses to take their career to the next level.

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In addition to taking courses for language teachers, we recommend you consider the following strategies for teaching Spanish. Afterwards, you can measure the results through your students’ grades and achievement of academic goals in the Spanish classes.

Teach Spanish in a fun way

Even if your students are adults, you can implement the engaging dynamics of the Teacher Training courses. Plan your classes to include interactive activities that promote interest and immersion in the language in an easy way. Use the following strategies to teach Spanish and don’t forget to keep the materials easily accessible to the whole class, meaning that all students can use them in physical or digital format.

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Teach Spanish with songs

Karaoke sessions, sentence structure analysis, vocabulary recognition and pronunciation are some of the activities you can implement in your Spanish courses in Mexico or abroad. Music is a general resource for teaching languages in an alternative way, and these types of Strategies to teach Spanish are more likely to keep the knowledge in the memory.

Teach Spanish with games

A game session to practice the knowledge learned in Spanish courses is an excellent way to learn Spanish almost without realizing it. Allocate one session or hour a week for activities that promote classroom conversation and interaction with the language such as: board games, physical reenactments, reenactment of scenes, exposition of engaging topics or word games. The only golden rule for students will be that communication will be in Spanish only.

Teach Spanish online

Design a digital program with online tools such as Google Documents, Quizizz, Buzzfeed and Zoom to teach Spanish courses online. There are different platforms where you can store material and keep it available only for the students in your classes; you can use pdf documents, links, videos, among others.

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Secondly, we recommend you to register in language teacher directories. Analyze the websites that allow you to create a profile where you can add a description of your professional preparation, years of experience, place of residence, etc. These channels mean an opportunity to increase the popularity and demand for your English courses.

Teaching Spanish and learning English

Spanish and English are languages that some teachers consider basic for Teacher Training. English is the standard language for communicating internationally, while Spanish is used in more countries around the world.

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Starting your preparation with English Teacher Training means expanding the possibilities of teaching English in Mexico. In addition, an English Teacher Training course will allow you to access opportunities in countries that are interested in enrolling in online or face-to-face English courses.

Prepare yourself to start your career professionally and teach English by learning the qualities of the language in TKT courses, or access greater professional opportunities by studying a CELTA course. Remember that IH Riviera Maya’s language teacher programs prepare you to take the exam in order to obtain the CELTA certificate or corresponding.

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