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Strategies to learn advanced Spanish in Cancun Spanish lessons

Are you at B1 or B2 level? Continue your education with Spanish lessons and the following strategies to learn advanced Spanish.

Intermediate level students have a better understanding of specific and concrete topics compared to beginners. However, there is still work to be done before you can express yourself and understand more difficult texts or conversations. Intermediate Spanish lessons make great strides that are reflected in the students’ ability to work in a Spanish-speaking environment.

As with any learning process, practice is still very important in order to advance and achieve the ultimate level of language proficiency with Spanish classes.

If you have intermediate knowledge, your goal should include studying the language on a regular basis and focusing primarily on topics or areas that interest you in Spanish lessons. For this reason, we present you with strategies to practice advanced Spanish from intermediate level B1 / B2 in our Spanish Schools.Clases de ingles en linea

Practices for studying advanced Spanish with Spanish lessons

Interact with technology in Spanish

Change your email account settings to Spanish on a regular basis and focus on the areas you would like to work on. You can apply this strategy to your personal interest books, system language on your phone or computer even in the Spanish courses. Eventually, using Spanish in everyday, recurring activities will help you develop your language skills on a regular basis.

In our Spanish courses at Alegre Spanish Schools we promote the use of technology for language learning.

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Read in spanish in and out of spanish lessons

Increase the amount of information you read in Spanish in our Spanish courses, especially on topics that interest you such as your professional background and personal tastes. Start with specialized books or newspaper articles.

Students in intermediate Spanish classes will rate this type of reading as easy to understand, however, they may need to research certain words, especially when the information contains technical terms such as those in financial areas that you will find in El Financiero or Forbes in Spanish and increase your language level in our Spanish courses.

With this practice you will deepen your knowledge of Spanish vocabulary and be able to converse on topics of interest within the conversation clubs in the Spanish lessons.

Listen to radio programs and podcasts in advanced Spanish

Take a break from writing words or phrases you don’t understand, pay special attention to the tone of voice and accentuation of certain words in our Spanish Schools. There are radio programs and podcasts in different areas of expertise and interests. In addition, when they include foreign guests you can identify differences and coincidences in pronunciation according to their country of origin in our Spanish courses. Certainly, this strategy will allow you to learn advanced Spanish to accustom your ear and identify the accent according to the speaker’s origin.

Team study in the spanish lessons

Team up with a partner in Spanish lessons and get ready to simulate job interviews or presentations in Spanish. You will have the opportunity to perfect your skills before a real presentation. With Spanish classes you will be able to work in an Spanish-speaking environment, so an exercise like this is important, realistic and should include your skills, education, goals and career plans.

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Match these advanced Spanish strategies to your study habits in Spanish courses at B1 / B2 level. Remember to combine your personal interests and professional background with the knowledge from the Spanish lessons to integrate the new language into your daily activities. Sign up and start learning advanced Spanish!

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