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Spanish teacher training courses: Speaking activities for Spanish courses

Are you starting your career as a Spanish teacher? Get ready with Spanish teacher training courses and implement the following activities to boost speaking practice in Spanish courses.

Spanish teacher training courses: Encouraging conversation in the classroom

In Spanish teacher training courses you will learn about the process of learning a language and increase your Spanish teaching skills. The learning objective defines the lessons or topics, but each language teacher determines the teaching method and practical activities. Therefore, you should align the students’ tasks with the lesson objective in Spanish courses.

Here are ways to boost and increase the language skill of oral expression in Spanish classes.

Discussing a current topic in Spanish classes

The level of communication skills of an advanced student in Spanish courses allows him/her to read articles and express him/herself adequately. In Spanish teacher training courses you will learn how to evaluate writing, listening, speaking and writing activities.

The activity we recommend to implement in Spanish courses consists of choosing a text suitable for the students’ language level and interests, such as a newspaper article or a blog post for the students. Afterwards, prepare a series of questions on the topic that allow students to analyze the text and generate opinions.

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The objective of the lesson is for students to study the topic, understand the content and use the vocabulary of the text in conversation. In the Spanish teacher training courses at IH Riviera Maya you will learn to identify the correct pronunciation, rhythm, grammar, etc. in your students’ answers.

Present a current topic in the Spanish courses

Preparing a business presentation in a foreign language is the goal of some students. Spanish teacher training courses will give you the knowledge and practice to help your students achieve their language goals. Help your students prepare presentations on current topics or topics of interest using correct grammar, pronunciation and researching new vocabulary.

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After each presentation, there will be a question-and-answer session to solve doubts or deepen the topic. The speakers will have to formulate an appropriate answer using their knowledge and skills in the language.

Using multimedia and interactive content in Spanish courses

IH Riviera Maya’s teacher training courses program allows you to keep up to date with the latest teaching methods that involve the use of technology in the classroom. Therefore, it implements activities that combine the use of multimedia content on screens, projectors or computers to achieve dynamic classes. Generate value for your Spanish classes by playing a video and promote speaking practice with activities such as debates or questions.

Use different digital tools that are available and allowed by the school to implement in the Spanish courses. Learn more about our Spanish teacher training courses on our home page and the benefits of continuing education for Spanish teachers.

Acting out a scene in Spanish

Incorporate engaging activities to learn Spanish interactively in Spanish courses. Acting out a short scene and improvising is a way to apply the knowledge learned in the Spanish courses.

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Spanish teacher training courses for native and foreign teachers

Our Spanish teacher training courses are aimed at teachers who are starting a professional career as Spanish teachers and wish to increase their language or pedagogical skills.

In our Cancun Spanish School you will learn updated methods to teach Spanish classes; so your skills to teach with higher academic quality. In addition, continuous training for Spanish teachers and academic certificates will allow you to access professional opportunities at an international level.

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English teacher training course

If you are an English teacher, update your skills with our English training program to obtain the right professional certificate for your goals.

Enroll in our CELTA Courses to receive feedback from specialized tutors and learn methods to provide higher quality language teaching with the CELTA certificate. You can also prepare yourself with our teacher training program to prepare you professionally for TKT.

After getting your certificate for language teachers, you can now teach abroad you will only need to fulfill the IELTS test to get the visa in English speaking countries.