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Spanish courses online: 5 advantages of learning Spanish from home

Cursos de español online ¿Qué necesito para aprender español en línea

Why are Spanish courses online the most efficient and effective way to master the Spanish language? Enroll now and get an amazing deal!

Previously we mentioned the reasons to learn Spanish and the main reason is that it is the official language of more countries in the world; now we will see what are the advantages of Alegre Spanish Schools Spanish courses online.

Learning Spanish in a Spanish speaking country is an extraordinary immersive experience; because you get to know the culture, gastronomy, architecture, new people and more. However, currently the worldwide situation due to COVID-19 keeps airports and means of transportation between countries hindered to avoid the spread of the virus. For this reason, Alegre Spanish has designed a solution for all language learners: Spanish courses online.

The syllabus of the language courses provides you with all the necessary tools from learning the language to mastering it with certified teachers in an international program. Below, we will explain why our courses are the best way to learn Spanish today:

5 | Learn about Latin American culture while learning Spanish

Our teachers know different areas of Spanish and Latin American culture, history, politics and society. So you can learn about the culture of Mexico or Colombia through our Spanish courses online.

4 | Native teachers in the Spanish courses online

All our teachers at Alegre Spanish Schools are native Spanish speakers from Latin America where the accent is clear and easy to understand. We use a clear Spanish accent that allows you to learn the language easily. In addition, it creates a solid foundation for adapting to complex accents of any Spanish-speaking country you visit.

3 | Start Spanish courses online from any level

Our Spanish courses online welcome people from all over the world over the age of 16 at any level of language proficiency. Our Spanish classes are designed to provide you with the highest quality in language teaching in groups of 8 maximum to solve all your doubts.

If you are a Spanish teacher looking to perfect your communication skills in the language; our teachers can help you reach your learning goal with courses to teach Spanish.

2 | Control your schedule and learn Spanish from home

Our flexible learning program allows students to learn Spanish from their home countries in an international environment through virtual classrooms. You will be able to study Monday through Friday from 10 am to 12 pm Mexico time, at the end of each week you will have obtained 20 effective hours of learning.

If you want private Spanish classes, you can book specific hours with certified teachers and start whenever you wish. The learning system allows students to decide how long they want to learn Spanish, focusing on their language goals.

The biggest advantage is that the Spanish courses online include interactive material that will help you practice your communication skills in the language.

1 | Save money by combining the type of learning

The biggest advantage of Spanish courses online is that you can learn the language from the safety of your home with the same quality of teaching as face-to-face courses. This allows you to organize your schedule from home and save on a round-trip plane ticket; however, the experience of visiting a paradise like the Riviera Maya or Mexico City while learning Spanish does not compare.

For this reason, Alegre Spanish Schools has decided to merge both learning formats. How does it work? 25% of the payment for Spanish courses online can be used as credit to live an immersive language experience at our schools in Riviera Maya, Mexico City or Bogota in Colombia.

Alegre Spanish Schools’ Spanish courses online

Our Spanish courses online offer the best way to develop your language skills to study, work or enjoy Latin countries on a language trip. Our teachers will guide you to communicate properly whether you are a beginner or have advanced knowledge of Spanish, sign up now!


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