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Spanish courses near me to learn Spanish in a year

Looking for Spanish courses near me? Make up your mind and enroll in the following Spanish Schools in Mexico to reach your language goal by 2022.

How long have you been in Mexico and still haven’t mastered Spanish? 2021 is almost over, but a new year is an opportunity to take Spanish courses and reach your language goal.

If you are an expat or have obtained a permanent residency visa, you will need to learn Spanish quickly and effectively for everyday life with Spanish courses near me.  Here are the locations of our Spanish Schools in Mexico and how you can learn Spanish in one year.

Spanish Courses near me and COVID-19

While some plan a post-pandemic language trip to learn Spanish in Mexico, you can take Spanish courses in Mexico under proper health measures.

Alegre Spanish Schools maintains cleanliness standards so that foreigners in Mexico can take Spanish courses in optimal conditions.

The classrooms of our Spanish Schools in Mexico follow cleanliness protocols to avoid disrupting the language learning objectives of our students. You can learn Spanish in Mexico City, Oaxaca or Playa del Carmen without worrying about deep cleaning and disinfection measures of the facilities.

Spanish Classes Mexico City

Spanish schools near me

After searching the internet for Spanish courses near me, you will need to review the options of Spanish Schools in Mexico and choose an academic offer.

Why choose Alegre Spanish Schools? We are a group of language schools of International House Mexico and Bogota, you will surely recognize the experience that precedes the institution and the international locations of Ih World.

Spanish Schools in Mexico near me

Tell me where you are and I will tell you which Spanish school is closest to you. We share with you the locations and characteristics of each of our Spanish Schools in Mexico.

  • Best Spanish School in Cancun: If you live near this tropical paradise, you can learn Spanish quickly and easily at our Spanish school in Riviera Maya.
  • Study Spanish in Mexico City: Explore the streets of Mexico City and learn basic or advanced Spanish at our Spanish school.
  • Spanish Courses in Oaxaca: People who prefer places like Oaxaca also have a location nearby to increase their level in the language.

Spanish courses for beginners and advanced learners

Our Spanish Schools in Mexico welcome both beginners and advanced students.

  • Students begin classes on the second Monday of the month.
  • Students with language skills start Spanish classes on any Monday of the month.

Learn Spanish every day at our Spanish language schools

The benefits of taking Spanish courses in Mexico are related to immersion, that is, practicing communication skills in real life situations. Learning Spanish every day in an intensive Spanish course allows you to reach your language goals quickly.

Depending on where you live, you will probably be surrounded by native Spanish speakers willing to converse with you. Remember to use the topics you learned in the Spanish classes.

Learn Spanish effectively to reach your goal in one year

If your goal is to learn Spanish in one year, then this is the perfect time to start working towards your goal and enroll in Spanish courses in Mexico. Remember, at the end of the language school year you will be able to take the Instituto Cervantes Spanish exam to obtain a Spanish certificate (at an additional cost).

What are you waiting for? 2022 is about to begin, start working on your goal of learning Spanish in one year with Alegre Spanish Schools.

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