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Spanish difficulties that you will solve in these Spanish classes in CDMX

Alegre Spanish Schools’ Spanish classes in CDMX will allow you to overcome the following 10 difficulties to learn the language and master Spanish.

According to polyglots and teachers, Spanish is not the most difficult language to learn; however, students may encounter some difficulties in the learning process at Spanish Schools.

Our Spanish courses will allow you to increase your level of Spanish through immersion, which is an advantage compared to the rest of the Spanish Schools in Mexico. Therefore, you will be able to overcome the following obstacles easily and some of them you will not even notice.

Spanish classes in CDMX vs. local courses

Obviously, the main difference between taking Spanish classes in Mexico City, Cancun and Oaxaca is the immersion. The resources you might find in your home country and teachers who teach Spanish locally do not represent the same experience as learning Spanish in an immersive language environment.

Motivation to take Spanish classes in CDMX

Motivation among students to pursue Spanish courses in Mexico or another Spanish-speaking country requires not only motivation but also a budget. However, the ratio of time and language learning comparing local Spanish classes versus Spanish classes in CDMX or one of our Spanish School locations represents a big difference in investment.

In other words, learning Spanish from your home country is likely to require more time than taking Spanish classes in an immersive environment.

Learning the characteristics of the language in Spanish classes

Despite the number of verb articles and verb tenses you will encounter in the Spanish language; study Spanish in Mexico City through experience will be easier than memorizing these grammatical rules and language exceptions.

This is usually the main obstacle or difficulty that students of other languages such as English encounter when they take their first Spanish class at a local institute in their home country.

English vs. Spanish Which is more widely used in the world?

While English is the designated language for business and formal communication between countries, the reality is that the Spanish language covers most of the global territory. This means that Spanish is the most widely spoken language because of the number of countries that have adopted it as their official language. Therefore, this is another reason to learn Spanish in Mexico City.

Learn to speak like a native speaker in Spanish classes in Mexico City

Another characteristic of this language is related to the population that uses it on a daily basis; therefore taking Spanish classes in an Spanish-speaking country represents an advantage in the knowledge and practice of common phrases in the real use.

Candidates for the Spanish language study programme who prefer to visit another Spanish-speaking country have a second recommendation in our Spanish School Bogotá which maintains the same standards of teaching and learning.