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Methods for learning vocabulary in Spanish lessons

Memorizing words is not enough! Learn the most effective methods for learning vocabulary in Spanish lessons.

How long does it take to learn Spanish in Mexico? Although some services promise that in 3 weeks you will be able to master the language, the reality is that not even with the best language learning methods can you achieve results from 0 to 100% in such a short period of time. When you take Spanish lessons after 3 or 6 months you will begin to identify the comprehension and expression of the language, in addition to performance factors such as hours of study, learning strategy and most importantly: motivation.

Part of the process is to complement Spanish lessons with learning techniques to understand and remember new vocabulary. Even if you need to perfect language skills at advanced levels, it is necessary to implement new strategies into your routine to incorporate the foreign language into your life. Certainly, memorizing Spanish grammar and vocabulary will not help you in advanced level Spanish courses.

According to philologists, neuroscientists and foreign language teachers, these are the most effective learning methods.

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Learn advanced vocabulary in Spanish lessons

Relates the words to a specific topic

Our brain is able to connect a network of information, so it searches for content through links. The senses combine to generate an experience that is linked to learning, in this way the meaning lasts longer in the mind and it is possible to exemplify this concept with young children. When a child is introduced to a fruit, the senses are involved in hearing its name, touching it, and tasting it. The sensory impressions, in addition to learning, anchor the meaning of the word to an experience.

In Spanish lessons we will not use all the senses to learn a word, however, studies from the Cognitive Neurosciences of the Max Planck Institute recommend associating the learning of each word to an event, memory or relevant information.

Learning vocabulary by topic with mind maps

Regardless of whether you prefer to write on paper or use digital tools to make mind maps, this tool is useful for learning words in context and creating links. Therefore, it is perfect for students who want to learn advanced Spanish vocabulary because the words are related thematically through mind maps in various levels or subcategories. You can create Spanish vocabulary mind maps by theme, word family or variations with Spanish courses. When words are interconnected, the general or relative meaning between them is understood and they are easier to remember.

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Keyword method for learning advanced Spanish vocabulary

One technique for learning new words in Spanish lessons is to link a word to a figurative phrase. The keyword method requires a certain vocabulary because it uses different and striking expressions that make it easier for your brain to remember.

Include in the figurative phrase the keyword and imagine what the phrase or sentence describes your mind, for example: if the new word is huella, use it in a sentence that you will remember Tengo que usar mi huella para desbloquear mi teléfono.

It is easy to remember a word if you relate it to a situation or image in your mind. Interestingly, it is easier for the brain to remember a word linked to a sentence or image than an isolated word. Practice this technique in your Spanish lessons to learn new vocabulary in a practical and effective way. Remember that the goal is to understand as many words as possible and remember them when you need them.

What is the right way to learn new words?

Find out which of these methods is right for you by trying each one. According to experts there is no one ideal way to learn Spanish vocabulary, so we recommend combining methods in the best Spanish school in Cancun.  Some people can learn new words simply by writing, however, some people need to use different methods to learn vocabulary and using the structured approach of mind mapping can be a great help.

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Remember to consume information in Spanish from a variety of sources and levels of complexity frequently. It is also important to recognize the meaning of spanish words in depth and pronounce them correctly in Spanish courses. Adapt a method for learning new vocabulary according to the type of learner you are: auditory, visual or kinesthetic.

Also, select the channels of information in Spanish that you will consume; if you are auditory listen to music, radio or podcast, if you are visual watch movies with audio in Spanish, documentaries or news, but if you learn by doing activities (kinesthetic) try word games, spanish conversation club, spanish forums, etc.

Increase your language skills with an effective and fun method at one of the best Spanish schools in Cancun.

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Complement your Spanish lessons with these methods to learn Spanish vocabulary, integrate the language into your daily life with self-learning habits. Learning Spanish from home is easier with our Spanish lessons, which have the same dynamics as in-person lessons, but are taught in virtual classrooms and include a Spanish conversation club.

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