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Learn through immersion in our Spanish courses

Immerse yourself in the Spanish language with Spanish courses and discover how to create the ideal learning environment with the immersion method.

The best way to learn Spanish is in Mexico, it is true that you can learn Spanish in Riviera Maya easily and quickly because is a Spanish speaking country and you will get to know the culture and living experiences. For this reason, we reveal to you how to build an optimal environment to learn Spanish effectively with Spanish courses. The method is called immersion and allows you to be surrounded by situations that develop your Spanish language skills. Posicionamiento Web

What is immersion?

Linguistic immersion allows you to learn Spanish quickly and effectively by constantly hearing, seeing and speaking a language. In other words, this method allows you to immerse yourself in a new language through communication. Therefore, the theoretical knowledge you learn in Spanish courses is put to the test in real life. Posicionamiento SEO

Unlike other language learning techniques, immersion and Spanish courses allow you to acquire the Spanish language in the same way you know and learn your mother tongue. Therefore, immersion is one of the most successful language learning strategies in the intensive Spanish course.

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How does learning Spanish through immersion work?

Learning Spanish in Spanish courses is the first step to mastering the language, the second step is to put it to the test in real life. People learn Spanish by using it because they need to communicate frequently and that is one way to learn spanish in our Spanish Schools.

Imagine you walk into a room where you don’t know anyone, everyone speaks Spanish and you need to know where to find the restrooms, the reason for the meeting, who they are, etc. You will need to use the language that most of the people in the room know. In conclusion, immersion forces you to use the Spanish language for basic daily life issues and complex situations and our Spanish Cancun program will help you.

How to create an environment to learn Spanish?

You will acquire the theoretical knowledge in Spanish courses, but to achieve a Spanish-speaking atmosphere, you must change as many things as possible in your daily life to the Spanish language, then you must enroll in an intensive Spanish course. The following list of options for learning Spanish through immersion is ordered according to effort. So you will find things or situations that you can change quickly and others that require more effort. Portaminas de colores

  • Change the language of your smartphone and electronic devices such as smartTV, computer, etc.
  • Change the language of your social media profiles.
  • Take the Spanish Cancun program or face-to-face Spanish courses.
  • Consume media and entertainment such as movies or music in Spanish.
  • Change your news feed and follow newspapers, magazines or news blogs in Spanish.
  • Join Spanish forums and chat with other students or native speakers in IH Riviera Maya Spanish Schools.

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Tips for learning Spanish in Spanish language courses

  • By enrolling in Spanish courses, you will learn by doing and be constantly surrounded by the language. Develop your listening skills to learn and replicate sentence structures correctly. Punta pincel
  • Some people who have taken Spanish courses and mastered the language use a basic level to communicate. There are several reasons for this behavior, ranging from fear of making mistakes or simply lack of practice in actively participating in complex conversations in Spanish in the intensive Spanish course. Immersion in another language is the most important step to overcome this inhibition and reinforce confidence when interacting. Marcadores de arte
  • Thinking in Spanish is an effective way to prepare yourself for real conversation and speak fluently. Think out loud and talk to yourself in a private place, learn more about this topic in IH Riviera Maya’s Spanish courses. Rendir el IELTS

Spanish teacher training courses

Enroll in IH Riviera Maya’s Spanish courses and create your own immersive environment for thinking in Spanish. Learn Spanish fast by applying these tips in Spanish courses to learn Spanish in paradise. Cursos de preparacion IELTS

Spanish teacher training courses

Learn Spanish and now you can also teach Spanish too

Learn the local language in our Spanish Schools or you can sign up for our Spanish Cancun program which guarantees the same quality of teaching as in-person classes.

Now, we help you become a Spanish teacher or upgrade with Teacher Training while you enjoy the paradise of Playa del Carmen.
Our Spanish teacher training program prepares you to teach Spanish professionally, knowing the process of learning a language.
However, if you prefer to teach English abroad, we recommend you to take the CELTA Course; which is the most recognized in the world to obtain the CELTA certificate.