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How to learn Spanish without translation?

Stop translating! This is the best way to learn Spanish without translation at Spanish courses in Mexico.

Communicating in Spanish and thinking about direct translation is completely normal when you take your first Spanish courses. However, translating in your mind means seconds to think and makes it difficult to communicate in a real conversation.

Students who want to learn advanced Spanish must start thinking in Spanish to use the proper structure of the language. Communication in Spanish in and out of Spanish Schools should be spontaneous and fluent.

Which Spanish courses to take? How to think in Spanish? How to speak Spanish fluently? Next, we will solve your doubts to take the next step in the mastery of the language.

Spanish courses in Mexico to learn Spanish fluently

How do you avoid thinking in your native language before communicating in Spanish? The answer lies in the language learning method.

Taking Spanish courses in Mexico allows you to immerse yourself in the language and learn Spanish without translation through immersion.  In addition, most of our teachers at Spanish Schools in Mexico are native speakers and have the highest certification in Spanish language teaching. This ensures that the teacher is skilled enough to build students’ confidence and express themselves naturally.

Study Spanish In Mexico City

Taking Spanish courses in Mexico allows you to increase your level of knowledge of the language by interacting with an accent that is fairly neutral and understandable to people from other parts of the world; especially people who choose to learn Spanish in Mexico City, where the accent is different from the north or southeast of the country.

Learn Spanish without translation and fast

Translation allows you to create a link between words and definitions between your source language and Spanish. Therefore, it provides a quick understanding of abstract concepts that would be complicated for beginners to understand.

After taking Spanish classes Mexico City, you will probably need to translate your native language into Spanish to a lesser extent. How to start the change? Follow the recommendations below from our Spanish courses.

Focus on your Spanish classes

What is really important when learning a new language is that communication should be clear and well-structured, the sophistication of the message an added value.

Start thinking in simple phrases and sentences, then add details.

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Learn Spanish without translation and like a native

When you enroll in Spanish courses in Mexico you get great benefits to learn Spanish without translation fast and fluently.

Immersion in the language allows you to interact with other people and practice with real conversations. This means that your newly acquired knowledge in Spanish classes must be put to the test.

Association technique when to learn Spanish in Mexico

Practicing daily in real-life situations forces you to think quickly in order to communicate effectively and will help you to translate less. In addition, these moments will generate experiences using Spanish that function as anchor points for remembering the language.

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This is an association technique that allows you to recognize the meaning of words without learning the dictionary definition.

Learning Spanish effectively through conversation

Some students understand the language, but when they have to communicate there is a mental block: you can’t find the right words and structures.

If you identify with this situation, then you need to practice speaking with the goal of minimizing pauses to learn Spanish without translation.

Simple conversations in a restaurant, shopping in a store or taking directions to a place will help you practice your level quickly and actively. However, we recommend that you take up the conversation topic from our Spanish classes and practice a conversation by narrating an experience or story.

Whatever solution you choose, remember that practicing is the key to learn Spanish without translation and enrolling in Spanish courses in Mexico makes it easier.