¿Se puede aprender español sin gramática? - Can you learn Spanish without grammar?

Learn why we do not recommend learn Spanish without grammar and how to understand it in an easy way in our Spanish courses in Mexico.

Is it possible to learn Spanish without grammar?

Some Spanish courses are based on traditional methods of memorizing verb tenses, articles, modifiers and exceptions. Eventually, students who take these types of classes think that studying a new language is boring and wonder, is it possible to learn Spanish without grammar?

Mastering a foreign language involves learning the structure to form correct sentences. Even Spanish courses recognized for “how to learn Spanish without grammar” must explain minimal grammar details that are indispensable for understanding the language.

Below, we will explain how you can learn the language in Spanish courses at Alegre Spanish Schools so that you will never again think about learn Spanish without grammar.

Why is Spanish grammar important?

Although you can learn Spanish without grammar just by listening or reading, you will have trouble expressing yourself when speaking or writing in real life situations. Understanding and practicing the grammar of the language is important because:

  • Grammar forms an indispensable part of the structure of a language.
  • It is the basis for effective communication language skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading.
  • It is a key to speaking fluently.
  • Reduces errors when conversing with native speakers.
  • Prevents you from translating sentences directly from your language.
  • Allows you to adapt to different communication situations.

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There are three key aspects you should focus on when learning grammar in Alegre’s Spanish courses.

  • Grammar rules
  • Vocabulary
  • Audio and reading material

3 steps to learn Spanish grammar made easy

Different teaching methods are currently used in Spanish courses, however the following steps will help you learn Spanish grammar and understand the language easier.

  1. Analyze the structure of the sentences in Spanish courses, understand the rules and deduce their use.
  2. Do exercises to remember grammar and test your knowledge.
  3. Real life. To ensure learning, follow the grammar rules to communicate in real-life situations.

The last step is fundamental to the Spanish language learning process, and the best way to complete it is through immersion.

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Learn Spanish in Mexico City through immersion

When you take Spanish courses in Mexico you must apply the knowledge you have learned all the time. In other words, every time you want to communicate it is a test to understand or express yourself properly.

The general Spanish language learning process is composed of the following phases:

  1. Learning the language in Spanish courses.
  2. Practicing in real life, outside of the classroom.
  3. Returning to Spanish classes to resolve doubts and continue learning the language.

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Study Spanish grammar in Spanish at Alegre’s Spanish Schools

Although we recognize that grammar is important to learn a new language, we are convinced that focusing on theory is boring, useless for everyday life and you will probably forget what you learned in a short time.

In at our Spanish Schools in Mexico we use the communicative method for Spanish courses. This way of learning the language is based on recognizing the logic in the grammatical structure and applying it in a practical way.

In this way, in our Spanish courses in Mexico we ensure that our students are prepared to leave the classroom and use the language to communicate effectively.

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