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What to learn Spanish or French?

What to learn Spanish or French - Aprender Español o Frances

Learn Spanish or French? Find out why you should take Spanish courses before preparing to speak French.

Choosing between learning Spanish or French is a complicated linguistic decision, but after the following reasons to learn Spanish you will surely start study Spanish in Mexico City.

Learn Spanish or French, study both

Latin-derived Romance languages such as Spanish and French share similar characteristics in rules of grammar, syntax and morphology. Therefore, some learners decide to take Spanish and French courses at the same time and identify the similarities. Sometimes the same verb is irregular, but the spelling and pronunciation diverge in each language.

On the other hand, when learning Spanish or French you will notice that both languages have notable differences, especially when it comes to vocabulary  phonetics.

Why learn Spanish instead of French?

We share with you the reasons why you should learn Spanish instead of French at our Spanish Schools in Mexico.

Why learn Spanish?

  • Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world; from the Iberian Peninsula, in Latin America and even the population of the United States has conversations in Spanish.
  • Currently, Spanish has more speakers than French in the United States. Until 1990 French was the second most demanded language in academic Spanish courses, today it is the Romance language.
  • There is an increasing demand for Spanish classes in the United States, due to the number of Spanish-speaking people in the country, and businesses require candidates to be bilingual.
  • Spanish is also one of the official languages of the United Nations.
  • English speakers tend to find Spanish easier to speak and understand due to the phonetic pronunciation.
  • The grammar rules you will learn in our Spanish Schools allow you to know how a Spanish word will be pronounced based on its spelling.
  • Spanish is also useful for socialising and getting to know favourite holiday destinations such as Mexico and the other Hispanic countries in Latin America. For this reason, people from all over the world prefer to learn Spanish in Mexico City rather than in another country.
  • Choose wisely, you will have more chances to find/improve your job because Spanish is spoken in more countries than any other language.

Why not study French first?

  • The pronunciation of the French language is complex compared to Spanish.
  • French has many rules and exceptions.
  • The pronunciation must be perfect, but it is difficult to replicate the sounds of the words.

In conclusion, learning Spanish or French is an easy decision when you recognise that the Spanish language is easier. Have you already made a decision? Enroll in Spanish courses in Mexico at Alegre Spanish Schools now!

Spanish courses and Mexican culture

Where do you want to learn a language fluently? Motivation is 50% of language learning. Think about the culture and the country as well where you are going to spend your time learning the language. If you are looking for a tropical climate and turquoise sea, then you have to look for the best Spanish school in Cancun Mexico; a holiday paradise well known by people from all over the world.

If you are passionate about Mexican cuisine and can’t wait to explore the country, choose to take Spanish classes Mexico City. Our language schools are located in the most representative places for international tourism, which makes them a worldwide cultural meeting point.

Mexico hasn’t convinced you? Learn Spanish at our Spanish School Bogota, then you can learn French.

If you want to learn English, we invite you to check our start dates for clases de inglés en línea at IH Mexico.