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Why learn Spanish in Mexico City?

Why learn Spanish in Mexico City? Discover why people from all over the world choose to take Spanish courses in this amazing city.

Learning Spanish in Mexico City with Spanish courses at one of the best Spanish Schools in Mexico allows you to experience the culture and way of life. Also, there are good reasons why our city has been chosen as the top destination to visit Mexico during the last years and here we explain them to you.

Why do you study Spanish in Spanish?

Learning Spanish in Mexico City allows you to immerse yourself in the language while exploring the country.

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The native Spanish teachers will help you learn the language through the culture, history or gastronomy in the Spanish courses in Mexico. Therefore, Spanish classes in Spanish will allow you to learn the language quickly and safely, because you will remember the characteristics of the language through your new experiences in the country.

Spanish Schools in Mexico: Learn spanish in Mexico City

For many years, we have been welcoming students from all over the world who wish to learn Spanish at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Our Spanish school in Mexico City offers Spanish courses all year round and starting every Monday.

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Students of all nationalities are welcome to learn Spanish in Mexico City. We use a different methodology because the lessons are based on immersion, you will learn Spanish in Mexico City with engaging activities such as cooking classes, Latin dance or business Spanish. You can take the Spanish courses for as many weeks as you wish and when you reach a certain level in the language, you will receive an official Spanish certificate.

Study Spanish in Mexico City

Come learn Spanish in Mexico City, one of the best destinations in the world for its diversity in gastronomy and culture.

Advantages of our Spanish Courses in México City

  • Our Spanish classes in Mexico City are interactive and fun.
  • The Spanish school has adapted a new teaching methodology based on total immersion activities.
  • Certificate upon completion of a language level with our Spanish courses in Mexico.
  • Weekly follow-up and personalized progress with your teacher.
  • Learn Spanish in Mexico City for as many weeks as you wish with intensive Spanish course.
  • We have complete packages that include accommodation, meals and Spanish courses.
  • You will learn Spanish in Mexico City with students from different countries such as France, United States, Japan, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and more.

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If you learn Spanish in México City you will…

Learn Spanish is an immersive language experience where you can explore diverse cultural, gastronomic and architectural sites. Some of the activities you can do after your Spanish classes are:

  • Visit the Museum of Anthropology or Bellas Artes.
  • Learn about the history behind the archaeological sites in Mexico City or take a hot air balloon ride in Teotihuacan.
  • Taste typical dishes in restaurants or incredible combinations of Street Food.
  • Interact with Mexicans in colorful markets and apply your knowledge of Spanish courses in Mexico.
  • Take a trajinera ride in Xochimilco or in the Cosmovitral Botanical Garden.
  • Explore the Chapultepec Forest or venture into the Ajusco.

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