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Increase your level of spanish by reading in our Spanish courses

Incrementa tu nivel de español leyendo en nuestros cursos de español / Increase your Spanish level by reading

Build reading comprehension skills as an integral part of Spanish language proficiency in our Spanish courses.

Some people can speak spanish, but have difficulty writing it. The importance of knowing how to write in spanish is essential to complete your spanish language training in our Spanish Schools. You will need to perfect your skills with Spanish courses for a job interview, a presentation or a speech.

If you want to enjoy a trip to a spanish speaking country you will need to read information in a brochure, book or visitor’s guide. For this reason, we recommend you enroll in Spanish courses in Mexico and we will tell you how to create the habit of reading in spanish.

Read in Spanish every day and increase the complexity of the text

Practice makes perfect, this phrase applies to build skills when learning a new language in a intensive Spanish course. The fastest way to succeed in learning spanish is to read regularly. Reading comprehension can be trained by practicing with materials of any kind like in our Spanish Cancun program.

Spanish Schools not mandatory to start with novels that contain specific vocabulary, but you can progressively increase the level of complexity of the text. Therefore, start by dedicating a few minutes daily to read materials from Spanish courses and personal interests. Choose content a little more complex than your current ability and increase your study time until it becomes a habit. Clases de inglés en línea.

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Learn vocabulary and improve fluency when speaking spanish

By build reading skills in spanish you will increase your vocabulary level and improve your speaking fluency. Knowing more words to use in conversations in the right context is easier with Spanish courses. Therefore, it is important to learn as many words as you can and use them in conversations. Practicing reading comprehension gives you vocabulary for formal spanish, while practicing listening comprehension allows you to learn colloquial spanish words in Spanish Cancun or face-to face courses.

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Improve your Spanish through reading in Spanish courses

In addition to the reading material that Spanish courses offer you, we recommend reading about topics that interest you so that you enjoy the practice. Reading regularly is better than forcing yourself to read for two hours once a week.

When you encounter a new word try to decipher the meaning, at the end of the reading time, research the word or phrase in a similar context, understand it and practice pronunciation. Practice and solve your doubts with a language teacher from one of our Spanish schools.

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How to find reading material in spanish?

In the Spanish courses you will find enough material to practice your reading comprehension skills. Finding sources of information to read in spanish is easier than it seems, here are some recommendations of where you can find information in spanish.

  • From reading a newspaper like El Universal to a personal interest blog, the internet is the biggest source of information.
  • Find e-books on the internet and read them, You can even share them with your Spanish Cancun classmates.
  • On a tourist site you will find brochures, spanish descriptions of places or buildings.
  • Read the spanish version of a restaurant menu.
  • Go to the tourist information office in Cancun, you will find information in different languages.
  • Visit a museum and read the information panels in spanish.
  • If you are a beginner in the language, reading the subtitles of movies with spanish audio will help you connect the pronunciation of each word with the writing. Focus on sentence structure and verb tenses in the Spanish classes.

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Build your reading skills in the Spanish courses.

You will easily and quickly complete the spanish reading homework within the Spanish courses and your results will show.

At Spanish school Cancun we recommend implement self-learning habits is important, but you will need a spanish course under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to evaluate the acquired knowledge and verify your level spanish language proficiency. For this reason, it is essential to take Spanish courses so that your training will be accredited with a spanish certificate.

Remember that we also have the Spanish Cancun modality.

Teacher Training to become a Spanish teacher

Enroll in our Teacher Training program and decide whether to teach Spanish or English in our Spanish Schools.

If you want to take the next step in your career as a language teacher, enroll in the CELTA Course or you can opt for the TKT to update your knowledge in language and pedagogy. At the end, you will obtain a CELTA certificate recognized by a wide range of educational institutions.