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English teacher training: How to teach English online?

Prepare yourself professionally with an English teacher training course and to teach English consider the following points in online English courses.

Teacher training is the first step

Whether you decide to start a professional career as a language teacher, you are a freelancer or you are in an educational institution, you will always need to update your knowledge and skills in languages to teach Spanish or English. Just like other professional careers, keeping up to date with an English teacher training course allows you to learn the latest trends and methods in English courses to grow professionally.

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IH Riviera Maya’s teacher training courses allow you to diversify your opportunities and access more offers. Companies have developed virtual platforms or used digital tools to adapt to the global situation. Likewise, educational institutions have changed the modality of their classes and taking an English teacher training course will allow you to adapt to new technologies to teach English or Spanish in virtual classrooms.

Greater opportunities with an English teacher training course

Preparing or updating yourself with an English teacher training course increases the opportunities to teach Spanish or English professionally. English teachers who take CELTA courses or Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) courses are familiar with innovative language teaching methods that guarantee high standards of academic quality through worldwide recognition of the TKT or CELTA certificate.

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The benefits of enrolling in an English teacher training course are diverse as a beginner or experienced English teacher. These certificates for English teachers make the difference between the rest of the competition as an independent professional or within an educational institution.

Prepare yourself with an English teacher training course and design your classes.

Who will be your students in online English courses?

Will your students be university students or corporations? Recognize the profile of your next students to create a syllabus focused on their needs and teach English according to their learning objectives. Corporations are used to communicating online, but everyone else will need a push to try your online English classes.

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What will your online English courses be like?

After upgrading with an English teacher training course, there are different points to consider for your online English courses such as: virtual platform, study material, lesson planning, marketing, payments, etc. Start with the following points to define what your online English courses will be like.

  • What platform will you use as a virtual classroom? There are great free tools to make video calls and teach English: Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams… Analyze the characteristics of each one to decide which one suits the activities of your English classes.
  • How will your students get the study material? Designate digital tools to practice language skills. Use a cloud storage service to share documents, books and additional information from online English courses.
  • How will they find you online? Create an account on language teacher platforms, this way you will have more opportunities to teach English in private or group classes.

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Increase your knowledge and acquire new professional skills to teach English with an English teacher training course to get a CELTA certificate recognized by institutions all over the world, or a TKT that will boost your professional career.

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Start teaching Spanish professionally with our Spanish teacher training program which is aimed at teachers who are starting their professional career to teach Spanish or experienced teachers who want to update their language teaching skills.

Teach Spanish courses of high academic quality with our teacher training program for native or foreign teachers in one of the most recognized Spanish schools in Mexico: International House Riviera Maya. Start or strengthen your professional career today with Spanish teacher training courses or an English teacher training course!

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