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Creative activities in Spanish for beginners

Actividades creativas en español para principiantes

Complement your Spanish classes with creative activities in Spanish to practice writing the language. Let’s get to work!

Certainly, Alegre Spanish Schools’ intensive Spanish courses have an excellent academic quality, but it is important to complement the process with activities that encourage self-learning.

Doing extra activities in addition to the Spanish classes guarantees the retention of the learning of a new language, becoming a useful tool when studying a foreign language.

Practicing writing a new language is one of the most difficult skills for everyone to master. However, we will show you simple activities that will facilitate the learning process outside of Spanish classes.

Create a shopping list

Let’s start small with a shopping list! It’s a test to practice the language and increase your food vocabulary. If you don’t know a word, look it up in a dictionary and understand its pronunciation.

One way to organize the list is to divide it into categories, for example: a list of fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. This will help you recognize and remember new Spanish vocabulary. Next, it is time to put what you have learned in Spanish classes into practice and cross off the items on your grocery list.

Describe a person or character

Write down the characteristics of a science fiction character or a special person. You will probably have a lot to talk about, the important thing is to practice your Spanish writing skills using the knowledge you acquired in Spanish classes.

In case you don’t know where to start, we recommend the following guiding questions:

  • What is the name?
  • Where does the character or person live?
  • What are his or her abilities or characteristics?
  • Why do you like or inspire him/her?
  • How did you meet the person or character?

Imagine your next vacation or create a new place.

Free your imagination with this fun activity. It consists of describing a place you would like to visit, you can choose from going to your country house to a trip to the beach, whatever the location will motivate you to describe the details.

If you want to go a little further, creating a new and original place is also an option. There are no limits as long as you apply the grammatical rules of the language correctly.

Write a letter in Spanish

The letter can be addressed to a close friend or family member. Write about a topic you want to communicate to the other person, some examples are:

  • What have you learned in the last few months?
  • Where did your last vacation go?
  • What are your favorite places?
  • Did you meet someone recently?

By recognizing your level of Spanish, you will identify the most appropriate creative activities in Spanish for you. Remember that in addition to the training you receive in Spanish classes, the daily practice and application of knowledge in real life are the perfect combination to achieve the highest learning retention. Enroll in Spanish courses today!


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