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Courses to teach Spanish as a foreign language

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Reach your professional goals, prepare yourself with the following Spanish teacher training courses.

Spanish Teacher Training

Why teach Spanish?

Spanish is growing with more people learning the language in Spanish courses in Mexico or in their own countries. Currently, this language is the second most spoken language in the world according to the Cervantes Institute in 2019. Additionally, more and more students from different countries are choosing Spanish courses as a foreign language elective in colleges and universities. Consequently, the demand for Spanish Teacher Training courses has increased due to the opportunities offered by this professional preparation inside and outside the country.

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Spanish teachers are people who have a vocation for teaching the language. Likewise, teaching Spanish as a foreign language is an opportunity to reference the representatives of Mexican and Latin culture. Your students will understand Spanish classes in the context of the language when you explain the qualities of the language by referring to painters, artists or places in Mexico.

Courses for teaching Spanish as a second language

The Teacher Training program for Spanish teachers aims to train professionals to teach Spanish as a second language or to deepen their knowledge. IH Riviera Maya’s courses for teaching Spanish as a foreign language are designed to prepare language teachers to teach Spanish courses at any adult level with the following general knowledge.

  • Up-to-date teaching techniques.
  • Use or develop their own support materials.
  • Structuring curriculum, content and activities to meet the objective of each language level.
  • Adapt Spanish classes to the level and needs of the student.
  • Evaluation methods, criteria and measurement of results.

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Teacher Training programs are aimed at people who decide to start a career in language teaching; and experienced professionals who need to update methods or techniques to teach Spanish courses in Mexico or abroad.

Spanish teacher training courses opportunities

At the end of the Spanish Teacher Training courses, you will know how to plan classes at each level of the language, what materials to use, which teaching techniques to apply and how to express yourself correctly. Therefore, you will be able to work as a Spanish teacher in professional fields such as the following.

  • 1Teaching Spanish as a foreign language in language schools in Mexico or abroad.
  • 2Teaching Spanish in tourism projects.
  •   Teaching Spanish courses in an autonomous and professional manner.
  •   Professional translation.

Soft skills for teaching Spanish as a foreign language

As any professional, you will need to develop soft skills or skills for effective communication to answer your students’ questions in a clear way. In addition to acquiring knowledge in Spanish Teacher Training courses, it is important to understand the psychology of the student in the language learning process and the teaching methods you should use in each case. Confidence combined with respect creates classes where students will be able to express themselves in Spanish and ask questions without fear of making mistakes.

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To achieve this atmosphere in an intensive Spanish course, the Spanish teacher should:

  • Energize the classes and involve the students.
  • Demonstrate willingness, listen and be empathetic.
  • Adapt to students from different parts of the world.
  • Know how to respond to difficult situations for students.

Courses to teach Spanish abroad

If you are in a country where Spanish is not the official language, then we recommend you to update your knowledge as a language teacher with Spanish Teacher Training at IH Riviera Maya. You will enjoy the tourist destinations of Cancun and deepen your knowledge through experience to:

  • Expand your vocabulary.
  • Improve your fluency in Spanish.
  • Get to know the lifestyle, culture, traditions and history of the country.

English Training

IH Riviera Maya has also designed an academic offer for language teachers who want to deepen their knowledge of the English language. By choosing an English Teacher Training course, you will learn in depth the lexical and phonological characteristics of the language and the process of teaching English to adults at all levels. Choose your preparation according to your objective.

TKT Courses

TKT courses are aimed at people with little or no teaching experience, making the TKT certificate ideal for starting a professional career as an English teacher. This Cambridge certification provides the skills and knowledge to access hundreds of professional opportunities.

CELTA Courses

English teachers who wish to update or deepen their knowledge and methods of English language teaching should prepare themselves with CELTA courses. After the corresponding theoretical and practical classes and exams, the English language professional will receive the CELTA certificate.

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