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Courses for Spanish teachers: Your opportunity lies in these Spanish teaching countries

Cursos para profesores de español - Tu oportunidad esta en estos países donde enseñan español

Upgrade and travel to these Spanish teaching countries! Enroll in courses for Spanish teachers, expand your opportunities and transcend borders with your professional preparation.

Mandarin Chinese is in first place in the ranking of the most spoken languages in the world with 950 million speakers. In second place, we find the Spanish language with 577 million people; including native Spanish speakers, limited Spanish speakers and students of Spanish as a foreign language. Of this number, nearly 1.5 million people learn English each year.

IH Riviera Maya’s Spanish teacher courses allow you to professionally teach foreigners in Mexico. However, one of the advantages of being a language teacher is the mobility to travel and work. Therefore, if you want to teach Spanish abroad, here are the Spanish teaching countries where Spanish is taught more preferably than other languages.

Where to teach Spanish in the world?

1 | United States

First of all, the world power of America has more than 7.8 million people who speak Spanish, making it the second most spoken language in the country; and the first to offer Spanish courses without being a native Spanish speaker. Let’s remember that the United States has an impressive Spanish-speaking community that communicates in Spanish in their homes. The use of the Spanish language in the United States has forced institutions to generate bilingual protocols in Spanish and English.

Spanish courses are also popular in schools, where Spanish is taught as a foreign language. In addition, more than 50% of high school and college students decide to learn Spanish as a foreign language; which means a great job opportunity to take courses for Spanish teachers and teach the language in the United States.

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2 | Brazil

The second country with the most students of the Spanish language is Brazil, maintaining in the American continent the first positions of countries that speak Spanish as a second language and people are learning Spanish in Spanish courses. The Brazilian territory is surrounded by Spanish-speaking nations; this is one of the most important reasons why its citizens learn the language.

The Amazonian country has around 6.1 million active students in online Spanish courses and face-to-face lessons; government estimates that in a decade the figure will rise to 30 million speakers. The statistics and projections in Brazil make for a promising outlook to start planning for this destination, prepare or update yourself with courses for Spanish teachers.

3 | France

How to teach Spanish near the Eiffel Tower? How about enjoying the culture while teaching Spanish? The possibilities of teaching Spanish in Europe are a reality with the statistics that France presents: more than 2.6 million students of Spanish courses. The closeness of origin between French and Spanish makes it easier to learn both languages; therefore, you will find a great number of words that coincide in pronunciation or wording ; and you will find them in our intensive Spanish course.

If you are French, we invite you to take Spanish teacher courses in Mexico while enjoying the paradise of Riviera Maya. If you are Mexican, our teacher training courses will prepare you to teach Spanish in France and live an unforgettable experience.

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4 | Italy

Figures from Italy prove that the Spanish language is expanding among European educational institutes as one of the favorite foreign languages; which means more opportunities as a language teacher and one more reason to continue with the IH Riviera Maya’s Spanish teacher training courses. Currently, Italy has more than 680 thousand students of Spanish at the academic level and learning in private schools like Spanish school Cancun.

5 | Germany

Finally, the top 5 Spanish teaching countries to a greater extent predominates in more European countries; since Germany has more than 550 thousand Spanish speakers and some of them are taking Spanish courses . According to the Cervantes Institute, Spanish is the language most chosen by high school students in the European Union (EU).

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Courses for Spanish teachers, your key to teaching Spanish teaching Countries

In conclusion, the opportunities to teach Spanish around the world are diverse and the experiences provided by each country are unique. We recommend that you continue with your Spanish teacher training as a foreign language and choose your next destination from these Spanish teaching countries. The global Spanish language scene contains attractive job prospects with a growing like in our Spanish Schools.

Achieve your goal of becoming an English teacher

At International House Riviera Maya you also have the option to become a language teacher or update your knowledge with Teacher training.

Learn about the language learning process with english training to teach Spanish in your country or abroad. In addition, you will be able to choose between different official documents that prove your teaching and language skills such as the TKT Teaching Knowledge Test or CELTA course.

Your opportunity lies in English-speaking countries so be prepared to take the IELTS exam and get certified for your visa.