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Which is the best Spanish school in Cancun?

Which is the best Spanish school in Cancun

Where to learn Spanish in Mexico? Learn about our best Spanish school in Cancun and why people from all over the world choose to take Spanish courses here, sign up!

International House Riviera Maya is part of Alegre Spanish Schools and is considered the best Spanish school in Cancun and Mexico by foreigners. Why do people from all over the world choose to enroll in our Spanish courses?  Learn about the features of our academic offer: how you will learn Spanish, additional services for your stay, when to enroll and more.

Best Spanish school in Cancun: IH Riviera Maya

Why is it one of the best Spanish schools in Cancun? IH Riviera Maya is part of the language school recognized as International House, which is positioned as one of the most important linguistic institutions in the world with more than 60 years of experience. Our Spanish courses in Riviera Maya maintain the highest quality standards and guarantee that you will learn the language effectively with native teachers.

Learn Spanish in Mexico City

You will probably find an International House location in your country and recognize the methods we use to achieve your language goals. People from all over the world recognize our school’s logo and trust us when they enroll because they know they will get quality language courses.

Intensive Spanish course

Study Spanish for as many weeks as you wish! Our Spanish school in Cancun has an intensive Spanish course that allows you to learn Spanish quickly, so in a couple of weeks you will be able to start expressing yourself in Spanish.  International House’s learning methodology is based on the practice of the language. You will develop all your language skills at the same time: listening-reading comprehension and written and oral expression.

Why you have to study Spanish abroad?

Studying Spanish from home and learning Spanish abroad are two completely different experiences. When you venture out on a language trip you can immerse yourself in the language, you will be in contact with the language from leaving the airport to buying a bottle of water. These situations will force you to learn and practice, but you will need Spanish courses to master the language quickly and make the most of your stay in Mexico.

Spanish courses in Mexico

At our best Spanish school in Cancun, you will probably meet people from all over the world because you will be entering an international program in a touristy and world-renowned area.

Spanish classes for beginners to advanced learners

Everyone is welcome at our Spanish Schools! If you are looking for your first Spanish class, you can start your preparation on the second Monday of the month, while advanced students can start Spanish classes any Monday (except holidays). One of the reasons why we are the best Spanish school in Cancun is that we help you achieve specific language goals with private Spanish classes.

Study Spanish in English

The Spanish classes for beginners in the language standardize communication through the English language. You will receive explanations in English during the first classes, however in the rest of the levels of the Spanish courses in Cancun you will only be able to study Spanish in Spanish. In our best Spanish school in Cancun you will find native and certified teachers to teach Spanish at all levels.

Study Spanish in Mexico City

Spanish schools in Mexico

In addition to the best Spanish school in Cancun, we also have great locations to take Spanish courses such as Mexico City and Oaxaca.

  • Spanish courses in Mexico City: If you want to explore the city, sign up for Spanish courses in Mexico City. Our Spanish school in CDMX maintains the same high-quality standards in language teaching.
  • Spanish courses in Oaxaca: If you want to learn Spanish in a less crowded place, you can settle down and start taking Spanish classes in Oaxaca.

Everything for your stay! Spanish courses and other amenities

Our best Spanish school in Cancun IH Riviera Maya offers optional accommodation and meals at extra cost for its language students. Ask about the availability of rooms or apartments, and remember that the kitchen is available to prepare your meals.

Spanish classes Mexico City

Learning Spanish without classes?

One of the features of IH Riviera Maya’s Spanish courses that make it the best Spanish school in Cancun are the additional activities. These “special classes” allow you to learn the language in an interactive and engaging way, almost without realizing it. Add spice to the dish in Mexican cooking classes, enjoy a marine adventure while learning Spanish, or learn new dance steps to Spanish music.