5 estrategias para enseñar inglés a niños IH Rivera Maya

Discover 5 strategies to teach Spanish from scratch with a pedagogical approach and learn about the best certification to become a Spanish teacher.

As one of the best Spanish schools in Mexico and the world, International House Mexico has an excellent track record in Spanish teacher training. Therefore, our focus is to keep expectations high with quality content and teaching that is passed on to your students. Here are some strategies for Spanish teachers:

Activities to teach Spanish from scratch

Immersing yourself in creative activities is a fun way for you to learn Spanish in Mexico City before reading a text in another language.

Also, through a project, a class presentation or a play, you will have the opportunity to understand vocabulary, ideas and concepts. As a result, the knowledge learned will provide you with a new purpose for continuing your Spanish reading.

Teach a clear purpose to your students

What’s the point of reading and writing in Spanish if you don’t know what you’re doing? At International House Mexico the teacher preparation or CELTA courses have the objective of providing students with a clear purpose for the learning process in the Spanish courses. Therefore, your students will know that when they have to write a letter, an email or an article, they will do it with a focus on the language.

How to teach Spanish grammar from scratch?

Grammar cannot be taught as a stand-alone activity. Therefore, it needs simultaneous activities that involve all 4 language skills in Spanish classes (listening, reading, speaking and writing). For this reason, when children learn grammar concepts, they will apply them to their writing. So, writing is the part they should exercise and start reading with the mind of a Spanish writer. Exploring and incorporating this knowledge and practice creatively in the way they will achieve Spanish language learning.

Spot teaching of spelling and phonics

Turn phonics and spelling activities into fun practice, with the goal of meeting all learning styles in Spanish courses. For example, for beginner learners, we will need to make the task lists as personalized as possible to recognize spelling patterns.

Evaluation and self-assessment

Self-assessment is one of the clearest ways to recognize the level of progress and mastery of the language in Spanish classes. Your students only need a clear grading key, a purpose in mind, and to follow a teacher’s formative grading model.

In addition, students will be able to evaluate their own or their peers’ writing and provide constructive feedback. Learn more about International House’s Spanish courses for beginners in Mexico.

Your vocation should be one of the reasons for your preparation and you have the tools to teach Spanish from scratch in a professional way.

Obtain the CELTA certificate to teach English

At IH Mexico language schools you can learn the language and decide whether to become a teacher and teach English or another language, you just have to meet the requirements and prepare yourself.

The main requirement for admission to a CELTA course is an excellent knowledge of English (at least Cambridge Advanced Certificate). Most courses are attended by native English speakers.

English teacher training course concludes with the acquisition of the CELTA certificate. For most language schools around the world, this certificate is the entry requirement for employment as a teacher of English as a foreign language.