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10 keys to teach English to adults

How to teach English to adults? Consider the following 10 keys to plan your English classes and continue your professional preparation with English Training.

An English teacher is a guide for students who want to learn English concepts such as phonetics, vocabulary and grammar. Therefore, he/she must be able to lead, have wisdom, be objective, instill confidence and optimism when teaching English to adults. Becoming an English teacher is not just creativity, it is a great responsibility for the future. Professionals in the English language prepare themselves with English Training during their career to integrate new methods in the process of teaching the language.

Your task as a teacher is to work effectively and drive results by teaching English to adults according to the system. Teacher Training courses will allow you to design strategic lessons with different teaching methods and adapt them to your classroom objectives. For example, some international English courses are based on communicative methodology, learning through dialogue.

How to teach English to adults?

Consider the following keys to teaching English to adults for your work plan.

1 | Teaching English without grammar?

Grammar is indispensable for developing communication skills in any language. Therefore, we recommend that you plan your English classes with quick and easy explanations; the rest of the session should be devoted to exercises and practice. Teaching English to adults requires objectivity and you can learn about effective language teaching methods in the CELTA course.

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2 | Prioritize speaking practice when teaching English to adults

Grammar takes up only part of the lesson time, so you can assign exercises to homework that can be done at home and graded quickly. In the meantime, integrate speaking exercises into your English classes to encourage communication and practice. Learn methods to identify speaking strengths and weaknesses with Teacher Training and continue to prepare yourself.

3) Reading material for your English classes

Reading is one of the communication skills that impact the rest of your language learning. Practicing reading in English with books helps to consolidate grammar patterns and basic vocabulary. If you are preparing to teach English to adults, we recommend looking for material that is of interest to the target group and tests their vocabulary level. There are several techniques to boost language learning through reading, learn how to adapt them to your teaching method in the TKT courses of our English teacher training courses programs.

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5 | Encourage communication in the classroom

Implementing discussion activities requires the student to show interest and have the necessary vocabulary. Questions should be selected according to the student’s level of proficiency, as he/she may abandon the discussion altogether. Find more activities to boost communication in English courses on our website and update your skills to get the CELTA certificate.

6 | Assessment Methods When Teaching English to Adults

Test tasks to assess knowledge of the latest topics are ideal for recognizing progress. The tests are suitable to verify that the student has mastered the material and his or her level of English language use. In the courses to teach English to adults you will learn the keys to evaluate the level of acquired knowledge of the language.

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7 | Grades are not required

Some English teachers discard grades when adult learners are committed to learning, their performance is always high and they meet their language goals. Teaching English to adults allows you to implement more flexible assessment methods that you will find at Teacher Training such as TKT courses. However, if you teach English in an institution, it will be impossible to refuse the qualifications.

9 | Consider culture when teaching English to adults or another language

An important aspect of language acquisition is the study of the culture of the country in question such as: Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Use this information within the modern English teaching methods you can get with IH Riviera Maya’s English teacher training courses. Knowledge of the cultural characteristics of the country helps students to communicate in context with native speakers.

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10 | Get ready with Teacher Training and start teaching Spanish

Teaching Spanish is possible with our Teacher training courses for experienced teachers or those who have decided to start teaching Spanish courses professionally. Knowing the process of learning two languages will allow you to access more opportunities in other countries.

Teaching Spanish classes in Mexico or abroad is an opportunity to travel, get to know new places and even change your address. You will need to take the proper preparation with Spanish teacher training courses and get certified to get official recognition worldwide. Meet our Spanish School Cancun and study while enjoying the wonders of the Riviera Maya.

Courses to teach Spanish to adults

Prepare yourself as an English teacher, access to more opportunities with an official certification and international recognition. Our Teacher Training courses are designed to evaluate your knowledge and experience in teaching English to adults.

Continue your professional preparation with a CELTA course at IH Riviera Maya to get the CELTA certificate, or start your career to teach English courses officially with TKT courses.

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