Identify your learning style and get the best results with spanish courses

Discover which learning style is ideal for you and use it to learn spanish in Alegre Spanish Schools spanish courses.

After researching the types of students that exist we need to recognize the individual learning style to acquire a new language effectively with Alegre Spanish Schools Spanish courses. Identifying the type of learner you are (visual, auditory or kinesthetic) and the type of learning style that is right for you (Social, Individual, Analytical or Practical) will allow you to achieve optimal results and success in mastering spanish in Spanish Schools.

Have you met with a group of peers to study, but the learning method doesn’t work for you? Everyone acquires information and processes it differently, so there are learning styles that you can adapt to learn spanish quickly and easily.

Below, we explain the characteristics of learning styles and how to choose the right material or medium to practice your skills with our online spanish courses or you can choose study onsite spanish courses.

Difference between types and styles of learning

There are two questions that help us to recognize which is the optimal form and media that a student should choose in our online spanish lessons.

  • Type of learner: What is the most effective way to absorb the information (video/images, audio or hands-on)?
  • Learning style: How do I prefer to learn? (by analyzing every detail, hands-on, self-study or group)

Learning styles for learning Spanish in our Spanish courses

Different theories have been developed with divergent approaches on current learning styles: the model of David Kolb, Bernice McCarthy or Anthony Gregorc. However, we have formulated an approach that incorporates the important aspects of the most relevant theories to provide a solution to the question: what is my learning style for taking onsite or online spanish courses?


Analytical focuses on the details of the language within online or onsite spanish courses, so grammar rules are important and a priority to understand. Learning new vocabulary means recognizing each aspect and the meanings of the word in the language according to the context, they also break down the words or sentences to understand the meaning in depth. When speaking in Spanish they avoid making grammatical mistakes, they try to express themselves accurately, correctly and making use of extensive vocabulary.

For this style of learning, grammar lists and books detailing the meaning/pronunciation of words allow for practice within onsite or online spanish lessons.


A learner with a practical learning style focuses on conveying the idea by speaking fluently. Practical learners easily develop listening and speaking skills in online or face-to-face spanish courses because they identify new sentences or words and relate them to situations, even if it is not completely grammatically correct.

They use a combination of methods that they integrate into their daily lives and learn through mass consumption of information in Spanish. In other words, the student learn spanish by reading books of personal interest or listening to podcasts.


Social learners prefer to learn in groups to share ideas because they have a great capacity to learn and interact with others. Their character is empathetic so they understand non-verbal communication when speaking Spanish with other classmates in Spanish classes. They generally learn by doing (kinesthetic) and acquire new vocabulary or pronunciation from other students. They learn effectively in teams and correct others to support their language learning.

Ideal environments for students with a sociable learning style are onsite spanish courses that include team activities, language trips and speaking with native spanish speakers.


In online spanish courses we find students who prefer to study alone and meet at specific times through online sessions to share time with the class. The best way to learn for this group of students is to combine online spanish lessons with self-learning, because they have ample capacity to formulate study habits and goals. A student with an individual learning style who studies online spanish courses prefers to use the online tools offered by ALegre Spanish Schools to practice correct pronunciation in spanish through specialized software.

Alegre Spanish Schools online spanish course materials are ideal for this learning style.

Why is it important to know your learning style and type in spanish courses?

Taking into account your individual learning style and learning type allows you to increase your motivation, absorb the content efficiently and get the best results in online or onsite Spanish courses Cancun.

Recognize the most effective way to learn spanish in paradise with Alegre Spanish Schools spanish courses and set your goals to master the language.