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10 frequently asked questions to study Spanish in Mexico City

Spanish in Mexico City

We solve your doubts to study Spanish in Mexico and we tell you which is the best Spanish school in Cancun.

A few days ago, Mexico was removed from the red list of countries banned by COVID-19 of the United Kingdom, so it is time to resume your plans to study Spanish in Mexico and decide in which of the language schools in the country you will enroll. Probably, during your search to find the best Spanish courses you will need to evaluate the flexibility of schedule to take Spanish classes, the location of the Spanish Schools in Mexico, the accommodation and food services. For this reason, we decided to solve the 10 most frequently asked questions so that you can make the best decision and enroll today for your first español en México.

1.     What is an intensive Spanish course?

An intensive Spanish course is a series of practical Spanish classes to learn the language quickly. Therefore, in a short period of time to study Spanish in Mexico City (e.g. a couple of weeks) you will understand the basics of the language and be able to express your first words in Spanish.

2.     Where to take Spanish courses in Mexico?

Alegre Spanish Schools is made up of language schools that are located in the most representative places of Mexico and Colombia. Therefore, when you choose the school to take Cursos de español en México, you will also be choosing your destination, the activities you are going to do and the places to discover.

Aprender español en Ciudad de México

The immersive experience of our Spanish courses in Riviera Maya will help you learn Spanish while you practice Latin dance steps, negotiate through Spanish Business, or cook a delicious Mexican dish.  The adventure continues with Spanish Courses in Oaxaca you will discover typical drinks and dishes, while learning Spanish vocabulary.

Finally, for city people we have a Spanish School in Mexico City located in the downtown area, so you can study Spanish in Mexico City and explore different museums, parks, concerts or archaeological sites.

3.     How much are Spanish classes?

The price of clases de español at Alegre Spanish Schools starts at $155 USD and goes up to $230 USD. The cost depends on the number of weeks you wish to study Spanish in Mexico, and you will need to purchase additional materials. In addition, we have an accommodation and food solution for you, you can integrate a food package, pension, apartment, or shared spaces for an additional cost.

Check the availability of services in each of our Spanish Schools in Mexico and plan your trip with us.

4.     Why study spanish in Mexico City

CDMX is one of the most representative cities in Latin America, which is why it is recommended by people from all over the world. In a single city you will find diversity in gastronomy, culture and places to visit to understand the history of Mexico and the life of the Mexicans. Our cursos de español will allow you to study Spanish in México quickly and integrate into the community to avoid being treated as a tourist.

Spanish course Playa del Carmen

5.     Is it harder to learn Spanish?

The Spanish language teaching method used in our Spanish Schools in Mexico is based on practice, so you will learn the language through engaging activities. Remember that our international program welcomes students from all over the world with different levels of language skills, so you will study spanish in Mexico and meet people who are in the same situation as you are: learning Spanish!

6.     Can I learn Spanish in a month?

Sure! You can take study Spanish in Mexico at Alegre Spanish Schools for as many weeks as you want, even complete the academic year of the language. Learn Spanish while you take a week’s vacation, start a new life or simply immerse yourself in a language trip in Mexico.

Learn Spanish in Playa del Carmen

7.     Learn Spanish to English?

Yes, English is considered the second most spoken language in the world, but it is the first to be used for standard communication between countries. Language teachers who choose to take Spanish Teacher Training to teach Spanish are also prepared with English Training to teach English courses. In this way, they become professionals capable of teaching from both languages.

8.     Which is the best Spanish school in Cancun?

Alegre has a Spanish School in Riviera Maya, which is considered by many foreigners as the best Spanish school in Cancun to study Spanish in Mexico because it is part of the official and worldwide headquarters of International House Mexico.

Playa del Carmen Spanish school

9.     Can you learn Spanish without classes?

You may be able to learn Spanish without classes, however the process is uncertain, since you will not be able to measure your progress and it takes time to reach the basic level of the language. It is recommended to take study Spanish in Mexico to live a language experience and accelerate the learning process through an intensive Spanish course.

10. Can you teach Spanish without a degree?

Get a degree in linguistics with Spanish Teacher Training courses and start teaching Spanish. English teachers can also take their career to the next level with a CELTA course where they can learn about modern English language teaching methods and get the internationally recognized CELTA certificate.