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Spanish schools Mexico: Start online and continue onsite

Comienza en línea y continúa en nuestras Spanish schools México Spanish courses Start online and continue at Spanish schools Mexico

Learn how the programme works between online-onsite cursos de español and get ready to visit one of our Spanish Schools Mexico.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many areas of daily life, including education. Our Spanish schools Mexico are finding solutions for students to continue their preparation with cursos de español. Therefore, the main efforts are directed to ensure the continuous learning of students from all over the world.

At Alegre Spanish Schools we have designed a new programme where you can integrate online and face-to-face clases de español for one single payment. This blended learning model is gaining popularity because language learners can learn Spanish from home, while packing their bags for future travel.

Below we look at how this learning model works, the benefits you get and why it is the best option for taking cursos de español during quarantine.

Learn Spanish at home, then get ready at Spanish schools Mexico

The global situation has postponed the plans of students who prepared to study abroad. What if you had the opportunity to start studying online and continue face-to-face clases de español as soon as circumstances allow?

You will have the basic language skills when you visit Mexico and you will have an immersive language experience when you study at our Spanish Schools.

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How do the online and onsite Spanish courses work?

Alegre Spanish Schools now allows you to use 25% of your online cursos de español to study on-site at our Spanish schools Mexico. The dynamic of this programme works like a credit to enjoy the convenience of distance language learning, and afterwards you will have the opportunity to visit Mexico and continue learning Spanish. You can choose from the following locations to continue your language training:

If you prefer to visit a Latin American country, we invite you to explore Colombia with our Spanish Courses Bogota.

clases de español en México

Students will begin studying entirely online and will receive the necessary support, academic resources and materials remotely. Subsequently, the structure of the curriculum will be adjusted for face-to-face clases de español when they visit Mexico.

How to switch after COVID-19?

When countries start opening airports and borders, our Spanish Schools will be ready to welcome you and help you understand the language. Remember that in our online and onsite cursos de español both formats maintain the same quality standards in language teaching, so you will take clases de español with native ELE teachers.

Spanish schools in Mexico

The transition from online to onsite cursos de español will be formalised when the global health situation ends or when restrictions on travel abroad ease. This format of integrated classes will undoubtedly allow you to learn the language and test your knowledge in a real environment. Most importantly, during your stay in Mexico you will continue to learn the language and get face-to-face support from Spanish teachers.

Why take Spanish courses online-onsite at Spanish Schools Mexico?

The main advantage of the new format of online and onsite cursos de español is that you have the opportunity to learn the language as soon as possible. In other words, you don’t have to wait until the end of the global health situation to enrol, you can use the time during the quarantine to learn Spanish from home with Spanish online Cancun.

You will meet classmates and teachers through Alegre Spanish Schools’ virtual classrooms; so it will be easy to move on to face-to-face learning at Spanish Schools Mexico or Colombia at our Spanish School Bogota.

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The new format of clases de español is aimed at students from all over the world who consider it important to learn the language and live the experience of studying abroad. The online-onsite cursos de español model will avoid postponing the start of classes.

Become a Spanish teacher at Spanish Schools Mexico

Want to teach Spanish? Ask about our Teacher training programme for experienced teachers or beginners. Learn about the language learning process and Spanish teaching methods with Spanish teacher training courses.

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