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Learn conversational Spanish with our Spanish lessons

Aprende español conversacional con nuestras clases de español / Learn conversational spanish with our spanish courses

Do you want to achieve the conversational level of Spanish? Sign up for our Spanish Lessons we will tell you how to practice it.

Earlier we discussed the importance of thinking in Spanish to master the language and speak like a native with Spanish Lessons. Also, the way people speak when they communicate casually is called conversational Spanish in Spanish Schools and companies. Below, we explain the differences between the three types of conversational Spanish according to the environment in which the language is used and how to achieve a conversational Spanish level of the language with our Spanish Lessons.

Types of conversational Spanish

Conversational Spanish changes according to certain factors such as the location, social status and age of the speakers. Therefore, these variants influence how a conversation sounds and the words that are used. There are the following forms of informal speech in Spanish.

  • Argot: It is an extremely informal conversation where slang is used according to the location and age of the speakers.
  • Casual: It is an informal and relaxed conversation where grammar is altered as opposed to a formal setting. The conversation generally flows from one topic to another in a natural way such as with friends and family. At Spanish school Cancun we will help you to understand, practice and master it in an interactive way in our cursos de español.
  • Casual-professional: This type of conversational Spanish is used on a daily basis in a comfortable work environment among coworkers. Therefore, this type of conversation is positioned somewhere between formal and casual.

How to learn conversational Spanish with Spanish Lessons?

Study topics that interest you in Spanish

Applies the knowledge learned in the intensive Spanish course and learn more about the topics that interest you in Spanish like books, spanish subtitles movies, podcasts, magazines, blogs, etc. Distinguish formal sentences from informal ones and recognize the way they are used by native speakers. In this way you will be able to have a fluent conversation with a native speaker knowing the jargon of the topic.

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Recognize words or phrases and determine how they are used

In our Spanish schools you will identify different words or phrases in the sentence then focus on how and what they are used for, ¿what they refer to?. They are probably words that are part of a specific topic or place. Listen and ask how they are used in different contexts to form different phrases or sentences.

Learn vocabulary according to your lifestyle

Focus on vocabulary that you will use in your lifestyle, career or circle of acquaintances. Discover new words by consuming information in Spanish within the Spanish Lessons and your topics of interest.

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International House Riviera Maya Social Program

Within the Spanish Lessons you will be able to practice your speaking skills with fellow students and expert teachers while having fun at trivia night, cooking classes, games, cocktail parties, social club, among other fun activities. All lessons are taught in International House’s classrooms.

Conversational Spanish is part of the process

Certainly, there is no such thing as a purely conversational Spanish Courses because it is part of a continuous learning process. Achieving a conversational level is built with basic knowledge such as grammar and vocabulary. In addition to developing skills through practice such as rhythm and tone of voice. In conclusion, you will need to take Spanish Lessons to achieve the level of conversational Spanish you desire.

Enroll in Spanish Lessons at International House Riviera Maya to achieve a conversational level of Spanish with the social program. Consume information in Spanish while you are in the Cancun Paradise while you learn in one of the best Spanish School in Cancun to encourage self-learning of the language and achieve your goals.