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What is the difference between CELTA and TEFL certificate to teach English in Mexico and abroad?

Cuál es la diferencia entre el certificado CELTA y TEFL para enseñar Inglés en México y el extranjero

CELTA vs TEFL Which is the best certificate to teach English in Mexico and the rest of the world? We analyze a comparison between both continuing education programs for English teachers.

Researching the options for continuing English teacher training requires knowing how to evaluate the programs available and deciding which one is the most suitable for you according to your objectives.  Some English language teaching professionals seek English language certification to qualify for international job openings, when considering training options for teaching English abroad, most language teachers narrow down their choices: CELTA or TEFL certification.

Below, we will identify the characteristics of each English teacher education program at International House México. Clases de ingles en linea

What is the difference between a CELTA and TEFL certificate?

Both courses prepare teachers specifically to teach English abroad, however there are important differences that you will need to consider. Examen IELTS

Get a VISA with your CELTA certificate to teach English abroad

If you want to teach English in Mexico or are considering teaching English abroad as a long-term career, your next step as continuing education is definitely to invest in a CELTA course.  To teach English abroad it is important to check visa requirements and expectations of potential employers. A large number of countries do not accept generic TEFL qualifications for VISA purposes, however, the CELTA certificate is widely recognized internationally and considered to be a certification for teaching English of high quality. Cursos IELTS

In conclusion, the CELTA certificate guarantees quality teaching of English as a foreign language and admission to work in accredited institutions in Mexico or the rest of the world. In addition, it is proven that the investment in your continuing education is fully recovered. Spanish Lessons

English Teacher Training Course

CELTA vs. TEFL: Which is the best certificate to teach English?

Teachers who are considering teacher training courses to build their professional career with high academic quality will need to enroll in the program to obtain the corresponding English certification and work in an accredited school. The most important difference between CELTA and TEFL certification is that quality standards are rigidly maintained with a CELTA certification,whereas the TEFL certificate offers no guarantee or consistency. Cursos de preparacion IELTS

CELTA: Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults

La CELTA certificate is the world’s most widely recognized and sought-after certification and is considered the ‘gold standard’ qualification for English language teachers. The program focuses on the development of teaching practice with learners, the CELTA course content is aimed at people interested in teaching adults. Key quality indicators in the qualification include: IELTS en computadora

  • Supervised face-to-face practical teaching during the course.
  • Course audit and certified instructors.
  • Who should take the CELTA program?
  • English language teachers who have completed their professional career and are inexperienced.
  • English language teachers seeking to develop their English language teaching skills.
  • Bilingual between English and a second language.
  • English teachers who decide to travel and teach English abroad or cursos de español. Cursos IELTS Argentina

Spanish Teacher Training Courses

CELTA Certification at IH Riviera Maya is your best option.

Select the CELTA certification course and obtain an internationally recognized qualification to teach English. This way you will meet the basic international standard set by employers worldwide: minimum 100 hours of coursework. Computer Delivered IELTS