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10 reasons to become a language teacher with Spanish teaching courses and ELE certificate

10 razones para convertirte en profesor de idiomas con cursos para enseñar español y certificación ELE / 10 reasons to become a language teacher with spanish certification ELE

Why should you become a Spanish teacher? Find out here 10 reasons to takeSpanish teaching courses as a language professional with ELE certification.

Why take Spanish teaching courses? Spanish is the official language in more than 20 countries and an important travel language for tourists. More than 400 million people in the world speak Spanish. So Spanish is the language spoken by a large number of people in different countries, so it is considered in the top of the most spoken languages in the world, just after Chinese (Mandarin), English and French. Cursos de preparacion IELTS

We recommend Spanish teaching courses because the language sounds beautiful, is spoken in many countries and has many other advantages. This combination makes Spanish one of the most attractive options for learning foreign languages. If you are still not fully convinced, here are 10 reasons why you should start learning the language with in a intensive Spanish course at IH Riviera Maya’s Spanish .Cursos IELTS

10 | Understand your native language with Spanish language training courses

Spanish teacher training courses give you a deep understanding of your native language. Because when you learn a foreign language, you have to deal with linguistic rules. IELTS

In cursos de español you have to pay close attention to sentence structure. This allows you to formulate complex and correctly structured sentences which will help you to get to know your native language better in Spanish school Bogota or Mexico. Certificado IELTS

9 | Spanish is relatively easy to learn

Compared to other languages, Spanish is quite clear and easy to learn for English speakers.  Spanish language does not require learning a new alphabet and emphasis is not as important compared to Asian languages. Preparacion IELTS

A large number of English words come from Latin, as do Spanish words. Therefore, some English and Spanish words are similar. Generally, Spanish words are spelled the way you speak them, which means that it greatly enhances students’ pronunciation skills.Spanish Schools International House Riviera Maya’s Spanish teaching courses give you the pedagogical tools to teach effective classes to foreigners in Mexico or around the world.Asesor IELTS

8 | Do you have a professional career? Take spanish teaching courses

Business relationships are the order of the day, so professionals with stronger language skills are the chosen ones in business and politics. Foreign companies train their employees with language courses to keep them up to date and skilled, so learn Spanish is an opportunity for you and Spanish teacher training you can achieve this with our Spanish Schools.

The goal is clear: to respond to international opportunities, maintain relationships with partners, clients and headquarters in Spanish-speaking countries.Therefore, taking cursos de español is a necessity and may become a mandatory requirement in the coming decades; ask about professional preparation in our Spanish schools. IELTS en computadora

Tomar Spanish teaching courses allows you to have a new source of income and will benefit your own profession. Spanish is becoming increasingly important as one of the most important business languages in the world. IELTS Computer Delivered

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7 | Foreign tourism in Mexico and the demand for Spanish language courses

The Spanish language not only opens access to the popular tourist destination Mexico; but also to the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean with increasingly attractive holiday destinations. Continue your education with teacher training with Spanish teaching courses in the tourist paradise and meet foreign visitors to Riviera Maya who want to learn Spanish in our Spanish schoolsIELTS México

6 | Teach Spanish classes while studying abroad

Learning a foreign language and taking Spanish teaching courses also gives you the opportunity to work in a Spanish speaking country or study at a university there. Getting out of your comfort zone and living in another country for a long time allows you to develop personally and professionally in our Spanish schools.

Some Spanish-speaking students are able to earn an income by teaching clases de español while studying at a university abroad. IELTS online

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4 | Increase your career opportunities with spanish teaching courses

In today’s job market, foreign language skills are a great advantage for both employees and employers. Modern companies are always looking to have people on the team to negotiate with international business partners and nowadays; therefore, Spanish Cancun is particularly popular because the courses training you to your home.

Also, native Spanish speakers are an interesting target group for large companies. So cursos de español are popular in foreign countries. Taking Spanish teaching courses opens doors to international opportunities or in tourist areas of Mexico such as Cancun. IELTS en computadora

3 | Spanish teaching courses and the future of the language

Spanish is becoming increasingly popular and there are no signs of this trend stopping. On the contrary, the number of Spanish speakers continues to increase over the last ten years. Moreover, Spanish is the second most important language for the British, ahead of French, Arabic and Mandarin. Consequently, the demand for clases de español by foreigners is high and represents an opportunity to take Spanish teaching courses professionally. Cursos de ingles

Experts even estimate that the Spanish-speaking population in the United States will have grown to 130 million people by 2060, further expanding the language’s position in the world. Clases de ingles en linea

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2 | One of the world’s most spoken languages

As mentioned above, there are around 400 million native speakers of Spanish worldwide which translates to approximately 6% of the world’s population. The demand for Spanish teaching courses is high due to the number of foreigners who decide to spend a vacation in a paradise like Riviera Maya, learn spanish in our Spanish school Bogota or move to a Spanish speaking country. Cursos IELTS

1 | Become a Spanish teacher or continue your education

Spanish is the official language in 20 countries and is spoken by more than 550 million people worldwide as a native, second or foreign language. Now that you know the opportunities of an English teacher, sign up for Spanish teaching courses and continue your teacher training at International House Riviera Maya. Cursos de preparacion IELTS

Spanish teacher training courses

Teach Spanish and get more opportunities

Do you want to teach English? Start your preparation as an English teacher at IH Riviera Maya.

Choose between the TKT English teacher preparation or CELTA courses, at the end you will obtain the corresponding professional certificate; either the CELTA certificate or the Teaching Knowledge Test.


Now that you have decided to prepare to become an English teacher, you will have more opportunities abroad to teach English language classes by taking the certificación IELTS, that validates your English language knowledge and skills for living in an English-dominant country.