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CELTA Courses: All about the best course for English teachers

CELTA Courses Todo sobre el mejor curso para profesores de ingles / CELTA Courses All about the best course for English teachers

Find out all the details about International House CELTA Courses and enroll in the best course for English teachers.

The Cambridge Certificate: CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) offers professionals who have little or no experience as a language teacher the opportunity to learn pedagogically how to teach English to adults around the world. ielts

Who is the CELTA program and certificate for?

CELTA courses are aimed at people who are native speakers or non-native speakers with excellent English communication skills and want to specialize in teaching English. Therefore, CELTA certificate are designed for people who meet the following profiles:  ielts mexico

  • Young professionals with a university degree who want to teach formally as English teachers. resultados ielts
  • Experienced teachers who want an official certificate to teach English, continue their teacher training or update their teaching methods. ielts fechas

What level of English do I need to enter the CELTA program?

Applicants to become English teachers with the CELTA certificate must demonstrate that their level of English is C1 according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). examen ielts

What are the objectives of the CELTA Courses?

The CELTA certification concludes with an internationally recognized Cambridge qualification and the objectives of the teacher training program are as follows. examen ielts mexico

In this way, participants develop linguistic competence, teaching skills and professionalism. No teaching experience or pedagogical training is required, however non-native speakers must provide official proof of language skills. preparacion ielts

Internships with experienced course trainers

The International House México CELTA course is valued by employers as initial training. It is also considered a solid foundation for becoming an English teacher and gaining access to international career opportunities. Success in teaching English is guaranteed with the CELTA certificate, as it has allowed many candidates to obtain their first English teaching position. ielts british council

How does the CELTA courses work? ielts test

CELTA courses have a minimum of 120 hours of practice in real classrooms with students who wish to learn the language. An additional 80 hours are spent on activities outside the classroom such as homework and lesson planning. certficacion tkt

What does the CELTA Courses curriculum cover?

The CELTA program allows you to analyze the English language and consolidate your language skills. You will learn about the English language learning process with globally recognized teaching methods or techniques to develop your skills as a language teacher and you will be able to analyze the students’ oral expression performance. tkt

Finally, you will be able to plan a structured study plan to prepare English classes with resources and materials to create productive lessons for your students. In conclusion, CELTA courses are based on teaching practice with classroom observation to supervise teaching practices and feedback by experienced instructors authorized by the University of Cambridge to guarantee your professional development. examen tkt

Teaching practice is one of the most important parts of the CELTA course.  The tutors make an evaluation of the English teacher’s performance during the English class within the this courses. Therefore, it is recommended to plan the class carefully to ensure effective learning of the English students, applying the knowledge acquired in the CELTA program.

What is the CELTA program exam like?

CELTA exams are administered according to Cambridge University guidelines. Therefore, they guarantee the highest quality standard in more than 60 countries. The written exams assess: English language systems, language skills, teaching adult learners and learning contexts. In addition, there is an overall performance test at the end of teaching practice. certificacion celta

What are the advantages of a CELTA certificate?

The CELTA certificate is recognized by schools all over the world that teach as a subject or centers specialized in teaching English. This certificate is synonymous with quality in English language teaching. For this reason, schools around the world recognize, prioritize and accept English teachers with a CELTA certificate.

How long does the CELTA courses last?

Continue your preparation as an English teacher with teacher training courses in a paradise. The full-time CELTA course is intensive from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm, plus 6 hours per week for the social program. celta certificate mexico

Learn more about the CELTA courses at International House México such as the cost and continue your professional training with one of the most important certifications for English language teachers in the world. We have CELTA consultants who received the CELTA Trainer certification and are authorized by the University of Cambridge. 

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