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5 easy ways to practice Spanish in your day to day

Learning a new language should not be limited only to textbooks and homework, and we at Alegre Spanish Schools give you some ideas so that you can practice your Spanish in your day-to-day life. Practice reading in Spanish Change the language of your devices Consider switching your phone, computer, tablet, Facebook profile, and whatever else […]

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Basic sentences in Spanish for travelers

Learn Spanish with these greetings, ask for directions and order food. It is not that difficult to make yourself understood in Spanish (many of the people who speak Spanish in Latin America and Europe are very nice when your pronunciation fails and they help you make yourself understood better). A combination of pantomime and basic […]

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9 basic rules of grammar in Spanish that you should not forget

Have you taken Spanish classes?, have you learned grammar in Spanish?, have you considered doing it?. Then you are with the best company. There are approximately 572 million Spanish speakers in the world today, and this number will continue to grow. You have probably already learned that English grammar works very differently from Spanish grammar. […]

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11 reasons why you should visit Cancun

Cancun is perhaps the place that makes you remember those spring break parties, summer vacations, summer courses with their Spanish courses, etc. But apart from this, there is also a great variety of things that can be done if you are looking for something more relaxing. If you are thinking of visiting Mexico and especially […]

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Why is Mexico the best place to learn Spanish?

Mexico is known for its cultural richness, traditions, colors, natural beauty, and magical places. And it is also one of the favorite places for those who want to learn Spanish in a more native way. If you want to know more about these claims we make, keep reading … But before we dive in, why […]